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Up-to-date Marlin firmware for the Aurora A5

by mgilardi

Hi all,

Stay tuned for more A5 firmware updates, we are actively working to get this open source. Currently working on getting the filament sensor to unload and load as expected.

I love feedback and collaboration, so please feel free to help it along!


EDIT: We've released a solid firmware. See link above.

***NOTE: Please make sure to have a backup of your firmware (or JG's original HEX file) before proceeding with this. I take no responsibility for errors or issues, though I am here to help if I can. :)

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Mesh Bed Leveling on the A5 - How To

by DaHai8

Posted this video on setting up and using Mesh Bed Leveling on the JGAurora A5 3D Printer.
You'll need to install the latest Marlin Firmware update referenced in this group, and in the video.
Hope everyone likes it and finds it useful.


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by mgilardi

This forum was created for the users and owners of JG Aurora's A5 3D printer. Here we can share information, insights, creations, questions, answers and more across the community of A5 owners around the world.

As a Thingiverse service, using this Forum also binds you to the same Terms of Use Agreement you entered into when you created an account on Thingiverse - specifically Sections 3.3 (a) & (b), i.e.: Please be Civil, so that Section 3.4 need not be applied.

If you are in need of replacement parts for your A5 printer, JG Aurora's web store can be found for the following service areas:
Within China:

  • JG Aurora's website
  • JD.com store
  • Taobao store

Outside of China:

  • JG Aurora's AliExpress store

If you need assistance (including company/warranty/service related questions), please contact @Anneqiu, a representative from JG Aurora (and also is a member of this group).

Posts are often automatically 'Flagged for Moderation'. This appears to be caused when they contain too much HTML, are edited too often, or are very long. To help prevent automatic flagging, compose & edit your posts offline to prevent multiple online edits; cut them into multiple posts if they are many dozens of lines long; and use this handy Markdown Cheatsheet to embed highlights, links, images, YouTube videos, etc, without the use of HMTL.

The contents of this document may change over time, so make sure to check back periodically.

NOTE: The content of this message was largely taken from @DaHai8's welcome for A3 owners, shown here: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/aurora-a3-owners/forums/general/topic:17016.

Happy printing!

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JG Aurora A5 with Marlin 2.0?

by DJGummikuh

Hello! I just did the endeavour to get my A5 on Marlin 2.0 Firmware in the process of trying to get my print quality back up again.

It seems like it is working fine however I currently have two issues:

  • the PID autotune values are not really good, I still have up to +/- 5°C around the configured temperature for the hotend
  • I have SEVERE underextrusion, even with 120% flowrate

For the latter I already experimented around with a lot of stuff including disassembly of the hotend and checking if the PTFE is properly mounted. I could not find any reason why this is happening.

So I have two questions

  • any of you have an A5 with Marlin 2.0 running and can tell me if this is working properly?
  • Why on earth do I have these issues?

Kind regards,

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Temperature Issues

by DJGummikuh


I have Issues with my JGAurora A5 where apparently the temperature of my hotend is ~30-40°C below what the Printer reports. This causes me to have to print PLA at 245°C (indicated) and making it impossible to print PETG since I can't exceed 250°C due to my current firmware limitations.

I suspect the thermistor to be at fault but I do not really know how to properly debug this. At room temperature, both the hotend and the build plate thermistors report within around 1% tolerance between each other, so how can it be that at higher temperatures the hotend seems to be so far off? I use a silicone sock on my hotend but the issue remains also when I remove it.

Edit: I do have a custom-fitted firmware (latest Stock firmware with adaptations for my BLTouch and hardwired defaults for the sensor offsets) but that should not be the issue as I haven't flashed for around 4 Months, however the issues developed only relatively recently (around 2 weeks ago) without any interference in the firmware.

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JG MAGIC motherboard swap

by award0586

hey guys i know this is an A5 group but i cant find anything on the JG magic, I basically was given a brand new jg magic and well long story short i need to put a different motherboard in so i can good firmware and unlock mesh leveling. But the only thing ive found on the jg magic for this topic didnt give enough info on the swap and made it sound like it would be hard for some reason. id like to throw an skr 1.3 in there. So is it just as straight forward as anyother print motherboard swap? change bored compile and flash firmware?

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Stopping mid-print

by CrossbowROoF

Has anyone else noticed an issue with the A5 stopping in the middle of a print with no errors? I tend to run a lot of prints overnight, and when I check in the morning, the print has stopped at some point. Where it stops in the print varies each time. The nozzle and bed are both still at full temp, and there's no message on the display. It's like it's just sitting there, waiting for something.

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Rewire the Filament runout detector to the mainboard

by DJGummikuh

I'm thinking about a mod I want to do to my A5. As far as I understand, the Filament Runout Sensor is attached to the display board, which causes it to be useless as soon as you start using your printer with e.g. OctoPrint. I know that we still have IO Ports to spare on the mainboard so my question is if anybody already changed the wiring so that the runout sensor is attached to the mainboard so that Marlin can react to filament runout?
I'm fairly decent with Marlin (had to dig deep to get the BLTouch work properly) so adjustments in the firmware do not put me off, I just need to know if it's technically possible/feasible.


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Stops Mid Print

by PDrumMarkers

Hi All,
I am having some issues with my A5 at the moment. It stops mid print and sounds that horrible alarm as if it has run out of filament. It is not showing any messages on the screen and when I go to resume print sometimes it literally just moves the nozzle close to it model thats been printed so far then stops again.
Having a tough time figuring out this problem. The last print I did was worse; I hit resume print and it made its way back to its last move and basically hydraulic pressed it self through my model like a hot knife. Very random. It's not the filament sensor as I have check that is working correctly. That is fine. I guess it could be power related? I am not so good on power though. Any and all help would be great.

Thanks :)

jgaurora JGAurora_A5 JG_Aurora_A5
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can't upload a mod to the group things

by mottabadass

thingverse won't show this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3001569 on my things for uploading to the group things
anyone can help out?

Table leveling knob For the JGAurora A5
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can't upload a mod to the group things

by mottabadass

thingverse won't show this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3001569 on my things for uploading to the group things
anyone can help out?

Table leveling knob For the JGAurora A5
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What kinds of filaments can I use?

by repulsivefrog

I know the standard statement, which is PLA, ABS, and WOOD. I want to know if I can use other filaments. Such as metal, PETG, etc. and if you have successfully used them, can you share your Cura profile settings for them. (I am using the version of Cura supplied with the printer as I mess up when trying to do the newer ones.)

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