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Up-to-date Marlin firmware for the Aurora A5

by mgilardi

Hi all,

Stay tuned for more A5 firmware updates, we are actively working to get this open source. Currently working on getting the filament sensor to unload and load as expected.

I love feedback and collaboration, so please feel free to help it along!


EDIT: We've released a solid firmware. See link above.

***NOTE: Please make sure to have a backup of your firmware (or JG's original HEX file) before proceeding with this. I take no responsibility for errors or issues, though I am here to help if I can. :)

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Mesh Bed Leveling on the A5 - How To

by DaHai8

Posted this video on setting up and using Mesh Bed Leveling on the JGAurora A5 3D Printer.
You'll need to install the latest Marlin Firmware update referenced in this group, and in the video.
Hope everyone likes it and finds it useful.


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by mgilardi

This forum was created for the users and owners of JG Aurora's A5 3D printer. Here we can share information, insights, creations, questions, answers and more across the community of A5 owners around the world.

As a Thingiverse service, using this Forum also binds you to the same Terms of Use Agreement you entered into when you created an account on Thingiverse - specifically Sections 3.3 (a) & (b), i.e.: Please be Civil, so that Section 3.4 need not be applied.

If you are in need of replacement parts for your A5 printer, JG Aurora's web store can be found for the following service areas:
Within China:

  • JG Aurora's website
  • JD.com store
  • Taobao store

Outside of China:

  • JG Aurora's AliExpress store

If you need assistance (including company/warranty/service related questions), please contact @Anneqiu, a representative from JG Aurora (and also is a member of this group).

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The contents of this document may change over time, so make sure to check back periodically.

NOTE: The content of this message was largely taken from @DaHai8's welcome for A3 owners, shown here: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/aurora-a3-owners/forums/general/topic:17016.

Happy printing!

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Thermal runaway issues

by BigMoff96

Does anyone know what type of connectors are used on the side of the A5 for the thermistor, heater cartridge, heat sync, and cooling fan connections? I am having trouble with my A5 throwing the Thermal runaway error after the first couple layers of a print. I had the temp set to 205 for the first layer and when the temp shifted down to 200 for the second it drops dramatically to 186 until the thermal runaway error is kicked in and stops the printer. I have tried replacing the thermistor twice as well as pid tuning both times. The first time solved the problem for a few weeks until today when it started doing the same thing again. I replaced the thermistor thinking it may be bad and even with the new one it is still throwing thermal runaway during a print. Does this sound more like a heater cartridge gone bad? Note that I only replaced the thermistor wire up until the plug in connection in the tube. Not all the way to the side connector like I plan on doing now. I believe its either the heater cartridge, the thermistor, or the connector on the board. My cooling fan does not blow directly on the nozzle or thermistor to cause the temp drop that initiates thermal runaway.

I am hoping someone else has had a similar problem and found a solution. Also, what gauge wire should I use to replace the old black thermistor wire and what connector is used on the side of the main body? I have jst connectors and the crimped on connection does not look like a typical female jst.

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Slow Prints

by GameScape3D

Just picked up a A5S. Been kind of a mixed bag but I think I'm going to like it if I can get it to move its ass. Actual print times are double estimated time from estimates on CURA. I need to close that gap. Any links for this issue?

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