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X stepper

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I am adding dampers to Wanhao I3.
Mounting Y stepper damper is straightforward, had no problem with it.
However, X stepper is closed in that metal case....
Is there any video or guide how to remove X stepper so I can mount the damper, could not find any?


I don't know of any videos, but I can give you a rough guide from memory.

  1. Move the Z-axis to somewhere around 70 and 90 millimeters above home

  2. Remove X-axis belt from carriage. Just undo one or both of the screws on the carriage so it comes loose.

  3. Release the linear rails from their clamps. You can easily get at the set screws through some holes in the Z-axis cases. The top one's on top, and the bottom one underneath.

  4. Remove the leadscrew located on the left side of the printer (the same side as the motor) from its coupler. There are two set screws oriented 90° apart that need to be undone, and then you can just lift the end of the screw out of the coupler. This will allow you to rotate that side of the assembly freely without too much disassembly.

  5. Slide both X-axis rods as far to the left as they'll go. Then, swing them free (that's why we removed the leadscrew from its coupler) and pull them out. Find somewhere to safely set the carriage and rods, so as not to damage them.

  6. Rotate the case until you can get at the screws. This will be tricky, but it's doable.

  7. Remove stepper, install damper, reinstall stepper

  8. Reinsert X-axis assembly into the cases by reversing step 6.

  9. Reinstall the leadscrew into its coupling and tighten it down. Be very careful that you install it straight, or you'll have Z-wobble.

  10. Center the X-axis rods and tighten down the four set screws again.

  11. Re-run the X-axis belt through the pulleys and secure it in place. Also take this opportunity to make sure it's properly tensioned, and to add more tension if you think it's loose.

  12. Enjoy your now-quiet X-axis.

you dont put one on the x it doesnt work . only on z and y . on x they cause problems

They really don't, though. I installed one on every stepper except the extruder shortly after I got mine, and it caused zero problems. It's the exact same motion setup as the Y axis, so I don't really get why you think it would cause problems on one and not the other.