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Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend - What's the Story?

by B0M0A0K

I have been considering my upgrades path and one of the items on my list is the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend. Only problem is that I have seen some problems/negative experienced on thingiverse as well as bad reviews in places like Amazon.

Is this an upgrade I should consider and are there any better recommended alternatives?

extruder upgrades Wanhao_Duplicator_I3
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Frame squareness alignment

by atimofeev

Hi all, recently I got pretty used i3 v1 and on top of other modifications I've installed X gantry upgrade (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2867204) to eleminate X/Z wobbling issues, while also replacing bearings and leadscrew nuts with new ones. This almost eleminated wobbling issues.
Before gantry upgrade I was able to get semi-decent first layers with bilinear BLTouch leveling, but after reassembly I cant get decent results even sacrificing LCD and enabling UBL. My bed visualizer results are in attachment.
First layer looks OK through Y axis and on 100~200mm X axis position, but it gets worse from center to home point of X axis.
I'm aware of Z axis balancing, but I did my best to ensure it's balanced, using alignment bars (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1374915), while also checking visualizer probing results.
After searching for possible solutions I've realized that there must be some mis-alignment in frame assembly.
Are there any decent guides on aligning frame on this or similar machine? I've also attached photo of machine with finished bed level test print.

I'm new to 3d printing, but I already spend a lot of hours trying to research every aspect of my machine, slicer and firmware settings.
Any help is appreciated, as this gets pretty frustrating.

Wanhao i3/i3 Plus X gantry upgrade with LM8UU
Dual Z-axis alignment bars
alignment bed_leveling frame
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Duplicator 4s

by Broe_kga

Someone who knows what the connector on motherboards called cut off should be used for
Wondered if it can be used for a filament sensor.
anyone know anything about that contact?

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Heater cartridge almost fell out

by lindsaytcrawford

Hi all,
After many many hours of printing my heater cartridge actually came almost all the way out of the heater block. I was wondering why it was taking so long to heat up and noticed this glowing red thing sticking out the side!

Once it cooled I pushed it back in, but I'm wondering how far I should be pushed it back in, should it come slightly out the other side?
And also what stops it coming out again, is it really just a friction fit?

Thanks in advance!

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Build up of material on nozzle.

by TonyRodda

Hi Guys, I'm experiencing a very slow build up of melted filament around the nozzle.
On short jobs it doesn't affect things but on long ones the build up eventually drops/snags onto the print.
When it does it usually causes a failure or, at the very least, semi-melted filament to be dragged everywhere.
PETG printing at 225-230.
Any hints greatly appreciated.

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