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Strange edge artifacts

by morxw

Hey there,
I hope this is the right place for my question. I'm using a classic Hypercube with a Volcano hotend. It took me quite a while to get usable results with the Volcano hotend and a change from cura to slic3r. But there is this one thing i couldn't get rid of and that's these strange artifacts on at least one edge of my parts depending on the length of the previous perimeter there either are these blob-like edges or "normal" edges. I tried quite a lot but they are still a part of my print results. No matter if printed with 60mm/s speed and 800mm/s² (400mm/s² for perimeters) acceleration or with 120mm/s and 3000mm/s². The only difference were kinda more warped edges but still the same old artifacts. I also converted my Hypercube to linear rails (mgn12) since then and tried calibrating the extrusion multiplier several times, but nothing of that seemed to fix or even change that problem. With the classic hotend i didn't have these problems, but i would like to get the Volcano working actually instead of switching back. It also doesn't matter if i use a 0.4mm, a 0.6mm or a 0.8mm nozzle. I also checked my belt tension several times, so i'm starting to run out of ideas.. :-/
Thanks for your time! :-)

  • Moritz
artifact corexy E3D hypercube volcano
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Anyone have a recommendation for a large heated bed/build surf?

by Kudaas

I am trying to find decent heated bed/build surface for my Hypercube that is atleast 250mm in size. I see some 310mm ones for the CR-10, but I have no idea if these would be something I could easily use or wire into my Hypercube with the standard 12v powersupply and Arduino/RAMPS board.

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XY Distortion

by edugomes

Good morning, I write to anyone who has set up a Hypercube Evolution or any other coreXY, which I think might have the same problem.
I have been using Hevo (photo below) for at least 6 months and after about 2 months of printing, I came across a large distortion in the impression of straight pieces larger than 10cm on the X and Y axes, see photo of the rectangle red test.
I replaced the timing belts and the print was correct, see black rectangle photo test, and the two overlapping ones where you can see the size of the distortion that had been taking place.
It was about two months later and the problem came back with great distortion in the impression, even with vibration that also worsened the finish of the pieces.
I removed the belts and noticed that in the section that runs along the pulleys, the steel core had broken, attached photo.
I researched the web and found few practical answers about it, but the one that made the most sense and I'm testing at the moment is NOT to use steel-core timing belts, but rather the most flexible fiberglass core rubber belts, better to our small radius toothed pulleys and also cause less friction.
I bought these belts which are very soft and really sit perfectly on the toothed pulleys without any vibration and the motors apparently run with much less effort.
At the moment the printing is perfect in every way, I will return to inform in a few months if the problem has been solved definitively.

distortion hypercube hypercube_evolution
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Auto Bed Levelling Woes in Marlin V1.1.9

by GregFax

Has anyone else had problems moving to V1.1.9 with their HyperCube Mega 2560?
I was running V1.1.3, and decided to upload V1.1.9.
Everything sort of goes, but Z Homing and Auto Bed Levelling are a disaster.
The print bed moves away (down) from the hotend on homing, but all other Z moves are the right way.

Has anyone else had this problem?
(I've gone blind reading thru the comments on GitHub, and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get my HyperCube going again....

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Flex3drive for Hypercube

by leving


is there any ready STL file for using the flex3drive on the hypercube?
Any inout is welcome

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