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3DP-11/12 Firmware Question

by kgrigio

I have been running my 3DP-11/12 (can't remember exactly which) for 2+ years now and have always used the Marlin 1.1.5 firmware. I really understand how to tweak the firmware if needed. I added an IR bed leveling sensor to my printer 2 years ago and got rid of the capacitive sensor that came with the printer so I could print on glass. I have heavily modified my printer and thus the firmware. I use ideaMaker 3.4.2 for my slicer.

Is there any reason to update my firmware to the 2.x version of Marlin? Can you even do it with this printer and the control board? I am worried about new slicer version not working with my firmware in the future and have read about some interesting features of Marlin 2.x that might fix some interesting problems I have to tune and tweak out regularly.

Thanks for the input.

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Print Deterioration

by TomCrewe

I have had my Hictop 3DP-12 for a couple of years + . I was very pleased with it and the prints it produced.
Its in the same place, same materials, well maintained but just lately the prints are awful. (see pictures)
I was going to strip it down and rebuild it just to make sure all is well but started thinking if Cura 4.4.1 updates are now just getting too clever or complex for my machine, should I go back to Cura 14.12 if I can find it. What other causes can it be? Has anyone else the same deterioration?

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Anyone using latest version of Cura? retraction problem

by odelot

Hi guys!

If I use the Cura 14.12 (the version that came with my hictop 3DP12) the print is ok. But if I try the latest version of Cura, I have problems with the print quality and a lot of oozing.

Have someone configured the latest version of Cura for our printer? Please give me some advice.

Thank you

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2dp08 with new bltouch

by jmarc


I've installed the sensor and updated the firmware to marlin 1.1.8. However, when i try the auto bed level, it crashes on the bed.
Also, when i manually move my Z axis 1mm, it moves a lot more (+- 8mm).
The white and black are plugged in to the Z- socket and the other 3 on the D11 pins.
I've asked hictop to send me the original firmware but, haven't heard anything from them.
I'll attach a zip of my firmware configs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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New Bed and Carriage for 3D-P11

by Webshooter

Has anyone ever put on a new bed and carriage for their 3D-P11? The bearings on my carriage have gone bad and seize up when too much weight is put on the bed. I think the thermistor on my heated bed is going bad too because when I use an infrared thermometer, it registers about 20-30 degrees cooler than my bed. Borosilicate glass is also really hard to find for the bed size. All this to say that I'm thinking about buying a new assembly altogether.

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