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Recent Topics

I designed the halo UNSC Gladius-class corvette

by Mattpantser

This was actually something I made a while ago but didn't publish. Feel free to download it and print it or something.


Halo UNSC Gladius-class heavy corvette
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Dimensions for items in Halo: Fleet Battles?

by Rena_Kiritan

Hey everyone, I wanna help make things more accessible to people that want to play HFB or want to expand on their collection, or just a cool item to print. Does anyone have measurements of the element and token bases, the as well as the MAC Station? I would convert the dimensions of the Monctcon class OPD, but it's not the same as the SMAC in HFB. Any help will greatly be appreciated! Almost done with the MAC, cleaning up the model and combining elements to make it easier to print.

Halo Fleet Battles Halo_Reach wargaming
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Halo Reach Custom Cosplay

by Unhiprabbit7810

Hello everybody! I am a brand new user to the thingiverse profile and stuff. Because of this, I’m at a loss for what to do. The problem is I’m not sure quite how to edit things for possible “playability”. For instance, a genius designer named @misterchiefcostuming created epic models but you can’t pull the trigger, use pieces that are supposed to slide, etc. Granted you can pull out the mag on certain guns but other than that nothing seems to work. My main mission is to create an epic cosplay for my custom halo reach armor. So, will you help me find and edit the greatest military surplus the UNSC will ever see? Or will you let Reach fall to Covenant hands!?! (Lol any editing or models fitted for a smaller printer is most appreciated!)

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Halo 3 ODST Forearms?

by hate_recon

So, do any of you possess the modeling skill level to make a 3D printable model of the Halo 3 ODST gauntlets? I have the ability to extract the model from the game, however most of the detail is in the texture, and not part of the model. I would edit the model, however due to my solidworks license expiring, I can't quite edit it the way I need to. Would anyone be willing to make the model or convert the pepekura file to an .obj?

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Halo Ships Recently Posted

by MeekleMatter

Found some useable halo designs recently posted. Wanted to share them with the group. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2540645
Hope you guys have some fun with them. They are all scaled and in obj format. Can't wait to build.

on another note, I made some kabuki mask halo helmets that can hang on the wall. Thought it would be a neat and fun idea. I made two and so far they work perfectly, but trying to make them use less filament and fix some issues I had with the Mark IV helmet.

UNSC infinity
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