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so i recently pulled my g2s pro out. just got a new computer because my old one died so i dont have the source files for my printer. i got it set back up and raninto an issue. when trying to move along the x/y axes the head lifts. so it thinks the plate is a bowl shape. any one run into this issue or know how to fix it?

This sounds like you need to adjust your DELTA_RADIUS value. Think of a large pendulum swinging above a floor. It is closest to the floor at the center of its swing and raises up as it moves farther to the sides. The DELTA_RADIUS value tells your firmware how to compensate for this effect, it is related to the where the diagonal rods pivot at the top.

so i found it. not too sure how to change it though

im assuming this setting is in the flash

yeah, it'll be in the code. You still using the stock GT2560 board, or have you change to RAMPS 1.4 (or other?). I'm ousing RAMPS 1.4 board now (and many other improvements) after GT2560 went all fritzy. Heres a snippet from my Marlin Configuration.h.

Also, this might help:

"Advanced Delta Printer Calibration (tower position + individual diagonal rod)"

The basic delta printer calibration steps are:

- calibrate the print bed on each tower position by adjusting the z-height for each carriage
- correct for bowl/dome shape by adjusting the DELTA_RADIUS parameter
- tune the print size by adjusting the DIAGONAL_ROD parameter

also this

Center-to-center distance of the holes in the diagonal push rods.

Horizontal offset from middle of printer to smooth rod center.

Horizontal offset of the universal joints on the end effector.

Horizontal offset of the universal joints on the carriages.

Horizontal distance bridged by diagonal push rods when effector is centered.
or this
depending on who you believe.

Print surface diameter/2 minus unreachable space (avoid collisions with vertical towers).

Advanced Delta Printer Calibration (tower position + individual diagonal rod)
by dolpin

this one is for radius in stock FW and in marlin RC3 port for g2s available here:

ugh, it seems that every time I turn around there is a new firmware to jack around with. Being specific for the G2S, this would also be specific to the GT2560 board yeah? I've replaced the GT2560 with RAMPS 1.4 when it started acting all 'GeeeTech' on me (that was a learning experience for sure!). I think that the final issues with my G2S will be resolved once I replace the stock bowden extruders with a mk8 design, and get decent print heads - looking at the 3-way color mixing model. Of course would need something like a 32bit RADDS 1.5 board to pull that one off.

[edit] oh, and some nice arms of consistent length - the sheer absence of QA processes with regards to the GeeeTech arms is crazy!