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Using imported shapes in Fusion

by GhostMouse


This is in regards to the maker coin I've been working on. The mouse outline was one I drew and then used Selva to turn into a shape to put in the design. However, my goal wasn't to have it as an outline, but actually to have the entire shape cut out. Does anybody know how to do that? I'm very brand new to Fusion and quite new to 3D design as a whole.

GhostMouse Maker Coin
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CFD Simulation

by bipsen

Has anyone tried to do CFD simulation on a design from Fusion 360 ?

I am looking into modifying a fan duct for my 3D printer, and would like to try to simulate the airflow ...
The design can be exported from F360 i step format, and then uploaded to e.g. SimScale ... But I am having difficulties in how to specify inlet and outlet, as it in SimScale seems to be hard to specify these when I have the finished model (and SimScale seems to like "closed" surfaces" ...

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Error when using Convert: Bad Allocation

by Animu

I am trying to bring a high poly model into Fusion. I converted the stl to a quad mesh using Instant Meshes, and am trying to use Convert to convert it into a T-Spline following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=167&v=aMZKgzBpodI
However, when I try to convert it runs for ~30min using almost 100% of my CPU, RAM, and disk until it throws a bad allocation error.
How do I fix this? Do I just need more RAM?

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by MasterTinker

Hi, Hello to everyone
I am completely new to Fusion360. I have taken the steps to convert a file to STL for printing to no avail. Apparently the version of F360 I installed on my Mac is outdated. The original STEP file was downloaded from GrabCad. I uploaded it to Autodesk MyHub and then within the F360 convert it to F360 format. When I double click the converted STEP, I get an error dialog box reminding me to update the F360 and clarifying the newest version that I need is not on Apple App store yet.
So, here I am, hat in hand. Could someone please open the STEP in Fusion360 and create individual STL files from the three elements of the mechanism. It's an interesting take on Geneva Mechanism

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Hi everyone

by Jannik17

I'm 13 years old and take part in a school in a 3-D druck ag I'm from Germany and work with the program Fusion 360 and I enjoy it I draw a lot in my free time and hope you like my things.my favourite is the 4 win game.

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Designing printable color change filament

by Ender3Guy

Hi all,
I recently saw an article on printing multicolor filaments on ALL3DP, which links to a file on thingiverse.The concept is that you start printing the filament but pause part of the way through to change the color. The issue: since all of the filament sits on the build plate at once, when you change the color all your filament is only halfway complete. This means that the filament doesn't transition from one color to the next; instead, you get two colors continuously extruding through your nozzle.

While this can produce some interesting effects, it's not what I want. I want a transition from one color to the next, and I can see a way to accomplish it. The only issue is designing it; while I'm decently skilled at Fusion I think I'm going to need some help for this one.
The concept is simple; print the filament in a coil going upwards, like this slinky:
And leave 0.05mm clearance between each layer so that it will separate from itself like support from a model. This will produce gradient transitions from one color to the next.
How can I make this in Fusion?

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How do I actually download the program?

by mcfada

I've been a Fusion 360 user for years. Recently I got notified that Autodesk will no longer be supporting the release version on the Mac App Store. They gave instructions to uninstall the App Store one and reinstall their distribution, which I followed. But I have no option to download F360 in my autodesk account, I can't find any link to actually download the trial/hobbyist version, everything on their site just sends me in circles where you think you are finally about to click the download link but then it's not. So if I'm not getting the app from the App Store, then how am I supposed to get it? Thanks

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Vase creation

by dlavalle

I am new to fusion and I have created some vases and other printable stuff. I am looking to make a vase similar to the link below. However, I cannot figure out how to make the cross hatch pattern on the cylinder.


VASE_GRILL (spiralized)
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Reduce exported mesh size

by Ender3Guy

Hi all,

I'm working on a lego three-way switch model and am hoping to post it here, but it has to be exported at the finest settings for refinement or the edges and holes come out stepped instead of relatively smooth. As a result of the high refinement, the file is currently 900mb... So, no, I can't upload that. It should be possible to reduce it to a reasonable size but I don't know how as I'm fairly new to Fusion 360. Any help you can give on this topic wil be greatly aporeciated.

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