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Folgertech FT-5 Firmware issue??

by phiatt

Hey everyone,

My name is Philip, I have had my FT-5 for about a year now; A while back I updated the firmware to the latest version, I got to noticing that during the first layer, the X axis will re-home and extruder will extrude during it's motion to the home switch. I am using S3D, and I have contacted S3D thinking it may have been in the G-Code, They say everything seems fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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BLTouch not working

by Brylandry

all axis's work correctly. Wheni i do a M119 x,y open Z triggered. M401 drop pin z is still triggered when i do a G28 x,y home then goes to the middle of the table pin drops goes up right away and table drops about 2mm. I usd this firmware FT-5-Marlin-1_1_0-RC8_BLTouch.zip
December 8, 2016 at 2:37pm · Latest version by Joe Mike Terranella. I'm sure it's wired up properly.

thanks in advance

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ft-5 wont home z or connect with computer via usb

by Eric1368

i am having tons of problems with mine starting with the z homing the thing just pushes past the endstop and has almost broken the switch right off the pc board and everytime i try to home it it does something totally different! the other annoying problem i cant seem to fix iis trying to connect to the printer via usb. it simply wont do it no matter what i try . com ports baud speeds usb cables firmware versions different computer. nothing will connect to it . I am just disgusted with it . my wanahoo i3 connects fine but this mks 1.4 pile of crap wont do it . I even bought another mks 1.4 and same issue it loads marlin but no connection with usb it will print from sd card but since i cant calibrate it I never know weather the nozzle is going to be 2 inches above the build plate or crashing into it scrape! DOAH! help!

okay a little more detail on this now that i have calmed down a bit, basically what its doing is pushing past the z stop just enough to bend it causing a terrible noise and an error "gone too far"....and so i reboot it and if i adjust the z height the next time i try to home it , it goes up to about a cm below the end stop and stops just as if it was hitting the switch. so i re adjust but the problem is then when it goes to print it either digs the nozzle into the plate or it stops a cm above it and air prints. there's no rhyme or reason to it. so the other issue is connecting via windows 10. marlin will connect to flash the firm ware and complete the process and that's it. it shows up in device manager as an unknown uart device on com3, in properties it shows events in the driver window as needing further installation? my monoprice i3 gets com 5 no problems but the one thing i need to calibrate it (pronterface) will not connect it tries every baud rate then quits,. also when marlin flashes the firmware , i could only get it to communicate with board was, to disconnect everything literally i held it in my hand while flashing . when its installed no bueno?? its making me crazy, any ideas? the other mks identical board which has never been installed will take a flash, but wont connect after that either? another note , when marlin communicates with the board, it does so on com 4, afterwards in the printer connected, com 3 only. com 1 and 3 are usually reserved by windows and so it creates new ones like 4 5 8 all of which connect fine. ahhhhh!! loosing more hair, my head hurts! i just want it to work so bad...so simple.. so friggin complicated i am out of whits, ideas and patience i am taking a break from it before it gets destroyed in a fit of rage... and hopefully one of you geniuses will figure this out and save my sanity. any ideas are welcome! what am i missing?

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What do you think of your FT-5? (I'm considering buying one)

by robertbl22

What you all think of your FT-5 so far? I understand that building can be a challenge -- I'm interested in your experience after assembly, since its been in operation.
1.) How long have you owned it and how frequently do you print?
2.) Reliability? Breakdowns? Issues?
3.) Print quality?

thank you!

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Anyone in FL interested in buying my FT-5?

by bbstep


Sorry guys! I can't figure out how to delete the post.

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