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by redrightarm

Has anyone printed any modified parts or pieces for the QQ which actually made an improvement in performance? I'm mainly looking for inertia and vibration reduction. But anything that helps the performance would be nice.

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Printer Jamming above nozzle

by wsterdan


I thought my extruder was acting up (grinding noises, followed by a lack of filament movement) but have tracked the problem to the area above the nozzle. I've clipped the PLA just above the point to allow the extruder to pull the filament back, then removed the Bowden tube connector from the print head assembly, cranked the heat up to 240°, removed the nozzle and pushed the "plug" out though the open area. After total clearing the print head assembly, I put a new nozzle on and fed filament back in. After feeding all the way through and oozing out the bottom I told it to feed a second time, then a third. Near the end of the second feed I could hear the extruder start to struggle, and by the third feed I was back to totally jammed with a nice, solid little plug at the end of the Bowden tube.

Any suggestions as to how why it's jamming and how to stop it?

Also, when attaching the Bowden tube to the print head assembly, how far in should I push it? I've been pushing it in until it stops, and have tried pushing it in less, but still have the same problem.

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FLSun QQ Cura Software

by Wazwiz

So my printer has arrived and is up and working, but the SD card and card reader has not worked. I cannot find the link for downloading the Cura Software any ideas please

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Firmware FLSUN QQ new update

by DavidDamian

Hola añado las ultimas versiones de firmware para la FLSUN QQ y FLSUN QQ S.
Espero os sirva de ayuda.

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Two problems with possible solutions...

by 3DM4RK

1) Leveling woes:
I decided to throw away the usb levelling mat that came with the printer (but kept the usb plug & lead), I think I only had one truly successful bed level using it and even that never lasted long.

I now use this method:
I basically do what this guy does except I make sure the end of the nozzle is totally clean (so you can see the brass!) using some 180 grit emery cloth, I also clip the usb lead to the tin foil tag (BTW I left the conductive material on the usb lead end as opposed to exposing the bare cables). After levelling adjust your z-offset accordingly. Even if you dont have a glass bed this method will work, either way just make sure you go plenty positive on your z-offset so as not to crash into the bed on you first attempt at printing! Then adjust according during first layer printing as in the video!

Don't forget to pre-heat your hotend before starting the leveling procedure!

My bed was last levelled over 2 months ago and is still level from front to back and left to right, each & every time - no more FLSun merry-go-round :)

2) Don't rely on the tower motor cable connectors, I have had the motors intermittently stop during prints due to a bad connection in these (in-turn this will either completely ruin your print (plastic spaghetti), show slight axis shift in them or worse still it can crash the printer head into the tower if the connection is out for too long), I have now ended up removing the connectors soldering each pair of cables together.

I cant guarantee these will work for you, but they did for me, so I thought I would share.


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