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FLSun QQ Calibration

by kmxsoft

I've replaced thecontrol board in my QQ to an MKS 1.4 with Marlin 1.1.9. All working great but the XYZ calibration is miles out. Print 100mm in any direction and the print measures about 70mm.

I'm new to this situation and was expecting to adjust figures in Marlin's configuration.h. I think I'd be looking at adjusting the following:

  • Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps/mm)
  • Override with M92
  • X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]
    // variables to calculate stepsi


    define XYZ_MICROSTEPS 16

    define XYZ_BELT_PITCH 2

    define XYZ_PULLEY_TEETH 16

Other sources on the Internet suggest calibrating with M92 commands. Whilst I'm fine wih that, I'm slightly concerned that the changes required for adjusting an axis are so significant (e.g. converting 70mm to 100mm will be a big change - needing a change of some 40%). I was kinda expecting to tinker with values as per fine tuning, whereas making a huge change is hardly fine tuning.

Am I worrying unnecessarily?

calibration flsun_qq
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Pot adjustment on power supply

by knapsttub

Hi everyone! My power supply blew up. I've already ordered a replacement but I have a question about the pot that adjusts the output voltage on the stock one. Is it set to output 12v?

Edit: I should mention I have a Flsun QQ from 2018. Not sure if different models require different voltages so that info might matter... I guess... sorry...

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by Woodcrafter42

I have an FLSUN QQ-S that i can't get the bed leveling to work correctly. I don't have a bed leveling sensor, so i am leveling it manually. I go through the bed leveling process ,and after finishing and printing the head will be touching on the back side of the bed, but will be high on the front side.Manually moving the head from front to back with the move button the head will rise from back to front 1/8" . I have moved the stepper motors, changed the stepper motor pully's, checked the belt for damage, reloaded the firmware, checked the belt tension, and made sure the bed is level not canted. I need some help on this issue.

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FLSUN QQ Clear button.

by lesl8

I pushed this and now the nozzle homes but I cannot level or get lower than home setting. Any ideas please. Can I reflash?

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Brand new QQ s pro cant connect to pc and the esteps are off

by Frostybullets

Hi I just got a Flsun qqspro and it works OK but he e-steps are way off and I cant get it to connect to run repetierhost or mattercontrol. The software on the sd card was way outdated and flat out didn't work. It dosent give an explanation of any kind, just wont connect but my pc sees it just fine.

The only program that i can get to work is Cura 4.5 and it seems to have no Estep settings. What can i do?

Cura 4.5 FLSUN_Delta Flsun_qq-s MatterControl repetierHost
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