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Hello everyone, I need help urgently I'm going through the configuration of the flsun plus with capacitive autolevel, someone could pass me a marlin that works, I have the piece to x: + 40mm and: -5mm z: 2mm.
Can someone help me please.

I have an FLsun plus i3 clone it came with an inductive bed leveling sensor are you sure yours is capacitive? They are two different types of sensors inductive only detects metal, capacitive will detect almost anything. the picture attached is the inductive sensor that came with my FLsun.

Hey conrad i just purchased a 2nd hand FLsun i3 clone and having trouble getting it to work properly. it has sensor on it and still crashing into bed i think the installed firmware config file must be messed up somewhat, do you have yours anywhere handy to download?

That does look like the same sensor as my printer. I would recommend checking the function of your sensor first, with the printer on place a metal object directly under the sensor the red light should come on. (pic attached).
My printer has the touch screen it might matter if yours does not.
My printer came with the makerbase gen L V1.0 check this with yours to make sure the code will be compatible, the pin.h file is different with other boards. Before you flash it to your printer make sure you update the XYZ offsets (super important) Check to make sure the sensor is plugged into the correct pin (super important) and change it from chimera hot end to single extruder (less important but still may cause issues). I just created a git hub account and posted my marlin file on it for you to grab.
I hope this helps you if you still have issues let me know i can dig up my old marlin code with the a single extruder and linear bed leveling.

Thanks that's great Conrad. I will check tomorrow evening after work as bit late now to be tinkering! I will let you know how it goes, thanks again :)

My version of marlin is set up to do a 12 point bi-linear bed leveling using a chimera hot end clone. The x carriage on my printer is custom so your XYZ offsets would most likely have to be adjusted to your printers configuration.
I completely understand the troubles with getting this printer set up and calibrated, but hold on to hope. After i spent a couple months of tinkering it became a really good printer for the money invested.

HI conrad, i do have the makerbase gen L V1.0 in my machine so all good there. I also have the sensor plugged into the correct pin header.

I am having trouble calculating offsets. How do you calculate yours? I cant seem to get it right and everything is way off ! Here is part of code i have changed:


  • Z Probe to nozzle (X,Y) offset, relative to (0, 0).
  • X and Y offsets must be integers.
  • In the following example the X and Y offsets are both positive:


  • +-- BACK ---+
  • | |
  • L | (+) P | R <-- probe (20,20)
  • E | | I
  • F | (-) N (+) | G <-- nozzle (10,10)
  • T | | H
  • | (-) | T
  • | |
  • O-- FRONT --+
  • (0,0)

    define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 123 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]

    define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -145 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]

    define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -28 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]

I think my calculations are not good - I no good at math!
BTW, If i leave everything as is from your file,when verifying I getting #error "The given LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe."

Try to change the Z offset. from -28 to -1 or +1 changing that little by little you will see how the printer gradually will be going up or dow.

if it is too low change the -28 to -20 if still low continue until you get to the right high or distant from the plate.

Your Offset is too low to the plate it should be (define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER +1 // Z Offset: - below +above.)
Remember the minus in front of the number will lower the printer extruder to the bed and the plus in front of the number will raise the extruder away from the bed.

I hope that can help you.

I have uploaded the factory supplied marlin file to my git hub, autolevel-i3 plus-Marlin-1.1.2 -.rar. same link i posted before. This file worked on my printer when i was using the single extruder. Flsun set it up to use 9 point linear bed leveling. I may have pulled a late night whoops and uploaded the wrong marlin file last weekend, sorry if i did. this upcoming weekend i will take a look at the code i posted originally and see what went wrong.

Hi Conrad - thanks for that - I have uploaded the new marlin file to printer and it's working a lot better but I am not sure about the homing position as it is homing towards the right - rear of the bed - is this correct for this machine? I have uploaded a video to show you:


Hey KayBee2016 sorry for the late reply busy week.
I changed the marlin file i uploaded last time for the original flsun i3 with a bed size of x200 y200 z220.
same github account different file name.
Let me know if you need more help i am here for you and any one else that needs help printing in plastic.
The z probe should home close to the center on a stock printer. If not i can can show you the configuration.h lines to change and make it exact as you want.

ps. i left it as a chimera extruder, some day you will thank me. I use my 1 extruder with a .2 nozzle for outside walls and a .6 for infill and supports, it helps with the print speed and surface finish.

This question is coming a little late in the game, what is your build size my printer is the I3 plus your build volume looks smaller than mine but it may just be the magic of video. My printer has a bed size of 310 x 310 with a print height of roughly 420.
if that is all that is wrong it would be a simple setting change in the marlin file i supplied. let me know before i proceed. the good news is the step motors have a nice tone in the video so we should not have to get into adjusting the pot setting on the drivers.
i have commitments tomorrow but will follow up after your reply. We will get this printer making 3d benchy's in no time.