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FLSUN i3 plus still worth it? 2019

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Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a FLSUN i3 plus and would like to hear your opinion.
Worth it?
What are the necessary upgrades?
I already have an Anet A8 for 2 years so I do not think I will have much difficulty with i3 plus

This was my first printer. Instructions were good and the printer went together pretty well. It took a while to learn how to tune a printer which was VERY valuable. I've also upgraded it with the parts I printed on it.

Recently, I decided to upgrade to one of the most popular $300 cube printers. I figured I'd get a whole lot better quality and speed for relatively low effort. Boy was I wrong! Just like the less expensive FLSUN i3, it requires a lot of work to tune and upgrade in order to get similar print quality as my current FLSUN i3.

I don't know why some folks have a negative view. For the price, you will not find a better printer! Yes, there are better printers but they are more expensive. I could have gone for a LulzBot Mini 2 for $1500 but I just can't spend that much for a hobby.

Is the FLSUN i3 the best currently available? no, it is not. Is it a piece of crap? Absolutely not. It is a decent working printer that yes, does take some time to put together. But it just takes time, for someone who is a bit technical, the manual is very detailed and the printer can be put together in one go. I never ran into a situation where I didn't have a clue how to put together the step described.
I bought the printer as my first printer, to see if I liked 3D printing and if it would be useful for me. At the same time I did not want a printer that limited me quickly in sizes IF I liked it. So the FLSUN i3 was a logical choice. Not too expensive so not a lot of money lost. But, I liked it and got this printer running for almost 2 years now and it still serves me well. Yes, it has its peculiarities and issues. I did upgrade the x-carriage and the z-sensor but that's about it.

If you are looking for a printer that works perfectly straight out of the box with very little effort, this printer is not for you.
If you like to tinker with the machine and are looking for a cheap printer with a large build volume, this could be suited for you.

If I buy another printer after this one, i will probably be a Prusa MKx and I will keep the FLSUN for the really large volumes.

I second Tailslide, you already have an I3 style printer and you've probably upgraded the crap out of it. Go corexy for the larger bed you want. Either cube or build your own.

Thank you all.

STAY AWAY they are terrible. Made a big mistake purchasing one!

Just, don't, do, it.

Hi eoctek,

I don't recommend this for first 3D printer, this is my mistake 1 year ago.

I recommend a printer like a Creality Ender 3 or something like that more easy to build. With mine (Ender 3) I was ready to print in 1 hour.
Ok the bed is little but enough for a lot of application.

The problem with FLSUN i3 Plus, is that printer format is too big for the poor chassis structure delivered in the kit. Or that need a lot of improvement after some honderd hours of printing.
Actualy mine (i3+) is stopped due to complete remodeling after 1 year of use.

However if you want to buy this printer, be patient to bluid it and think to print your first upgraded asap.


For a second printer that is large I would go for a corexy style printer. I see some kits on AliExpress

Hi Eoctek

i just bought the flsun i3 plus and i'm very happy with it.
it toke me about 8 hours of building it and it prints super :)
ok you have to print some upgrades (first a partcooler!)

butt i like the customisation of it.

i don't regret this one

If you want at first 3d print and not spend time and money, there are better choices now.
But if you do want assemble, upgrade a printer, it's a good choice. You will have a lot of work, but it's very interesting !
And the FLSUN team is always here.