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Parts came printed wrong?

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The part that holds the belt as it slides up and down to move the delta arm. There are three of these belts and the belt holders. In the instructions they show that piece having a hole for a nut to go into kinda like a blind nut. Mine came and those are printed full it seems. Can i print new ones and if so where to find the drawing. I do have a functioning printer to be able to make parts.
Its very much like this part.


but mine is 2 pieces where this is one but its too small for my larger printer.
Change the scale i guess until maybe it fits. Im at a loss and dunno what to do?

Thanks for some help

Overall Pulley (FLSUN Carriage) reinforced

Im guessing you are talking about the part that rides on the aluminium with rollers right? thats the only part I see with captive nuts so just making sure. I might try to model it tomorrow.

Yes this is the part. It’s for the 280 bed kossel and mine is printed solid . I did print the other one in 10% larger but dunno if it printed yet and I still believe it’s the wrong part . If you can fix this for me I will be forever grateful to you.

well here she is. I have not done any test prints or anything so im not sure if everything wil be perfect on it but let me know if you have any issues with it.

I will print one out to see how it looks. The issue i Have is with the other part. The one the belt weaves thru to hold in place. Where the heim joint rod end connects is the picture you posted. My instructions show that rod end fastener going into a bling nut. Mine is solid and cant secure the rod end.

Thank you for the model it will hopefully be the same

oh on mine the rod ends are connected by bolts that thread into the little cone you see sticking out.They just thread into the plastic. The part I made is the only one with captive nuts that go to the pulleys on the other side. Then again I have the 180mm bed so im not 100% sure they didn't change it . If you need me to try to do one of them post a picture of what yours shows in the manual and I will try to model it.

Maybe you are right and they screw in to the cones I will have to give that a shot. Here is the part and from the back there was supposed to be blind nuts . I dunno if I even need them ?

looks like they didn't change it even though its larger. Mine just threaded right in to the plastic. I remember seeing some things that didn't look right in my manual also. China is very skilled at making manuals with pictures that don't even match the parts at hand.. If you ever need that other piece I did a test print and modified some sizes and posted it. Will probably model the side we are talking about sometime soon also.

Yes it would be great to have backup parts. Thank you very much. I need to learn to make this stuff