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Creator Pro/Dreamer must have upgrades?

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I'm wondering what the more experienced users here find as a must have upgrade for the Creator Pro and the Dreamer. I'm guessing most parts arwe swappable, as are the upgrades?

Things I have noticed. The stock fan plenum feeds to only one extruder and not so well either. The extruder assembly isn't mounted rigid at all. Is this on purpose? When I level it, and it's too low. The "build plate leveling sheet" lifts the assembly up easily instead of not letting me fit the sheet underneath the nozzle. The printer vibrates when printing, it either needs stabilizing feet or weight added to it to keep it rigid. But since I'm new to the Flashforge machines.... I'm sure this has all been figured out.

What are the most important things to upgrade on the machine to get a more reliable printer?

The best upgrade I have done on my Dreamer was to fit a PEI sheet onto the bed as a printing surface. Glass smooth print base. Once the bed temp is over 50°C, nothing will dislodge your print but once the bed temp drops below 50°C the parts just fall off. No need to attack it with a scraper and mess up you levelling. I haven't had to adjust my bed level for about 2 years now and all it takes to clean the bed is a quick spray and wipe with isopropyl alcohol.

Go easy. This is a super reliable printer out of the box. If you are having problems, drop back to default settings and make slow increments on setting changes. Odds on you are doing something wrong and the printer is fine.

This thread is full of ideas people have done to improve their FFCP.
This group contains printable parts to improve the printer.
On my website you can find another summary of improvements.
All these are specific to the FFCP, but many are probably also applicable to the Dreamer.

As to your specific points:
The stock fan duct is near useless, you may want to install this.
The rigidity of the assembly is not a problem. It is mostly because the bed is mounted on springs that you can keep pushing things in between it and the nozzle. Having this bit of flex is a good thing to keep forces limited when a print goes awry. When levelling, you should always start by ensuring the sheet can move freely and then tighten until there is friction, not the other way round.
I think pretty much every printer will vibrate when it makes movements near the resonance frequency of the frame. I'm not sure about the Dreamer, but the frame of the FFCP is very rigid. Still, when you're not dual extruding it is recommended to remove the unused stepper motor to reduce the moving mass, this also helps to reduce ringing artefacts.

FlashForge Creator Pro front dual fan duct
by DrLex

I have to agree about the glass bed. don't forget to print a 'Z' limit switch spacer the same thickness as the glass you use so you can still level the bed.

I also like the extruder top plate and dust cover bracket https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1980811 , It keeps the filament feed tubes from coming out of the extruder plate and secures the wiring harness. You didn't specify Dreamer or Creator Pro. I have the 2015 version Creator Pro. If you have the Dreamer, this plate might not work for you.

There are multiple versions of anti vibration feet on thingiverse. Just search and choose the one you like best.

Are you sure that the extruder assembly is lifting up when you put the leveling sheet between the nozzles and the bed? It is normal for the bed leveling springs to compress and the bed to move downward, but not for the extruder assembly to lift up. If that is what is really happening, you have a problem. Without seeing what is actually moving, I can't tell you exactly where to look, but you most likely have a loose screw somewhere in the assembly.

Flashforge Creator Pro Dust Filter Bracket - Fixed

Only Major Upgrades on mine are the Micro Swiss All Metal Hotends and a thick glass bed.
I'm using it with only with ABS.
If leveled correctly, better results as some other printers I have with Autolevel

I've had exactly the same experience as crynool with my FFCP. I also run Octopi.