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Cant figure out this print issue - bumps

by turbo2ltr

I just can't understand what is going on here. I've been tweaking speeds and temps for weeks and cant get this issue resolved.

The first few layers are fine, the subsequent layers seem to have extrusion issues pruducing a pattern of blobs along the top of a perimeters that bleeds out the sides.

I've removed the nozzle on the second extruder thinking maybe it was hitting.. No change.
I've sped it up, slowed it down, raised the temp, lowered the temp.
I've installed fans, and not runs fans.
It happens with ABS and PLA.
There is no set number of "good" layers.

Any ideas because I'm out of them.

Since I bought the FFCP several years ago, I've always used slic3r with GPX. I kinda hate the workflow having to go to command line to convert gcode to x3g, and then having to rename to a 8.3 naming convention.. Is there something better at this point?

Maybe someone can send me a known-good x3g test file and see if it's the slicer.


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FF Dreamer. Long start up time.

by sen2two

So I havnt used my FF Dreamer in a few months. I've been using my Creator Pro mostly. The dreamer never gave me any issue at all in any way.

I powered it up an few minutes ago. Turned on fine. But sat at the opening "screen" for quite a while before being "ready". I then went through a few functions like homing it and jogging the axis'. No issues.

Is this normal? Or something to be worried about?

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Polycarbonate settings with flash print?

by sen2two

I want to print with polycarbonate on my flash Forge dreamer as well as my flashforge Creator Pro. I use the most current Flash Print and I like it very much for PLA and ABS. Super easy settings, minor changes and it prints well for both abs and Pla.

Does anyone hear print with polycarbonate on there flashforge machine? If so, what settings do you use in Flash Print? Also, can you recommend a good brand of filament.

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Simplify3d Flashforge Creator Pro Left Extuder Issue

by totalitarian

When I print with the right extruder, the nozzle moves to the right of the bed to prime but when I use the left nozzle, it doesn't go to the left side to do the prime, it stays to the right and extrudes straight onto the bed rather than off the side. It also prints off the bed when I do large prints as if it hasn't offset the x-axis to account for using the left nozzle.

The test prints on the card work OK so it must be an issue with simplify3d?

Any ideas?

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Leveling height between both nozzles

by electriceye

Egg on my face once again- Here I thought my PVA filament was total garbage, when the real issue was my nozzle heights being off. After I recently swapped out my stock brass nozzles for some Micro Swiss hardened steel, I noticed right away that the right nozzle sat up much higher than the left. I had been using my left as primary for print jobs, with the right one for support material, or another color. Trying to adjust the nozzle height proved to be a challenge though, as I wanted it tight against the block and couldn't back it off without it being too loose.

Enter ACE Hardware: I bought some .40 cent flat spring clips that are about 0.25 in thickness...just what the doctor ordered. Now I can 'shim' the right nozzle to bring it down to the same level as the left one and once again enjoy dual color and support print jobs. Awesome when fixes are this easy. ; )

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