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Weird Extrusion Problem - FF Finder

by doojack

Hey everybody.

I've been having a weird extrusion problem with my Finder for a few months now, and I've only ever seen it reported in one place before (an Amazon review, and the user there talked with support and wound up returning the printer). I'm hoping someone here has ideas for how to fix it, because I'm stumped and I'm not really feeling having a $500 paperweight.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, but the majority of models fail when I print them. At multiple places along the Z axis, the walls will look like they're delaminating, and from the top down, it looks like the filament isn't sticking along whatever edge is there and just connects from a random point A to point B, creating (flimsy) straight lines across the infill.
The infill also fails dramatically in these areas, losing its shape and falling over, for lack of a better word.

Here are some photos to hopefully better describe what I'm talking about. The whitish print is the beefy shark model here on thingiverse, the black is a model I created in a sculptris-like program, and let Flashprint auto repair when I imported it.

Cracks (these are harder to get pictures of, usually by the time I get the model off the bed, it's fallen apart):



These prints usually turn into spaghetti and fail anyway, but the solid parts of them are incredibly brittle at the cracks, as you would expect, and fall apart.
I'm using multipte colors/types of filament (Black/Blue/White Hatchbox PLA, red flashforge brand PLA, a glow in the dark PLA I don't remember the brand of right now), and have played with temperature a little, ranging from 200 to 225, same issue occurs.

I have dismantled the extruder and examined the tubing within to make sure it hadn't melted and was causing clogs, but it looked clean and pretty much brand new.

This happens on all sorts of models, and I don't think it's all at the same heights, but I could be wrong. Most of the failures got broken apart or thrown out, and I didn't think to measure.
Some models don't have any issues, but others fail disastrously.

I've kept my drivers up to date and kept Flashprint up to date too, haven't had any improvements with newer versions.

Has anyone run into this and figured out a fix, or have any ideas for me?

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FlashForge Inventor I z-axis modification for use with glass bed

by jynclr

I have uploaded a Z-Axis sensor arm mod for the FF Inventor I for glass bed modification. The other shims on Thingiverse don't work with this model. Details on the page.


Z Axis Mod for FlashForge Inventor I
by jynclr
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Finder stops printing

by aussiemuscle

Flashforge Finder
When i print, it will create the first layer fine, then stop extruding completely. i have replaced the nozzle and tube, recalibrated z-axis and re-leveled everything. None of these has helped. Using PLA, also tried a new reel to make sure it wasn't the filament.
If i manually push the filament, it squirts out, so i don't think it's still blocked, but it's like the motor gives up pushing.
any more suggestions?

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Flashforge Finder Error!

by caolum_dyas


I was printing something and my printer just stopped and the LCD screen went black. The extruder kept extruding filament. I had to unplug it from the mains to stop it. The print was only going for 2 hours when this happened. I have added no add-ons to the printer. Could someone please help me?


error flashforge flashforge_finder Help
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Guider 2 High Temp Extruder very messy

by EnglishPete


I have recently had very poor print quality due to the large amount of dark gunk that keeps being generated by the extruder during print jobs.

I have taken apart the extruder but am not sure where it is coming from. When I did take the cover off, the entire thing was covered in this black carbonised gunk, that re-melts when the extruder is hot. I think this is the remains of the original yellow hotend over that the extruder cover came with - it seems to have degraded somehow, which is odd, seeing as I haven't used the printer that much since installing the all-metal hotend in May. My filament isn't wet either, as this problem happens on new filament as well as old stuff.

Alot of the gunk appears to be around the heat cartridge on the all-metal hot end too. It occurs with all material types I use, which is PLA, PETG and TPU, and Nylon.

Can somebody offer some advice on where it is coming from please and how to stop it happening please? I am thinking of going back to the original hotend that the printer came with, as it didn't have these problems.

Update: I have read on other forum posts that black goo can occur when the nozzle is not screwed in to the extruder properly on all-metal hotends, giving the melted filament a chance to seep around the screw thread, partly burn (causing the black color), seep out and then accumulate on the outside the extruder, ruining prints with black deposits. I am taking my hotend apart and giving it a thorough clean with a wire brush and also a rotary tool to see if that will solve the problem.

All_metal_Hotend Flashforge_Guider_2
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