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FF Dremer nozzle

by lpsd

I wanted to try new nozzle sizes for dreamer, but dont know what nozzle to buy. Is there some kind of standard or does dreamer have it`s specific own nozzles. Maybe you can share where you buy your nozzles.

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The PETG overhang conundrum

by DrLex

I have recently started to print with PETG. It is a very nice material, because when printed properly, results are incredibly robust, have a nice glossy finish, and can be quite transparent. It is also reasonably heat-resistant, not as good as ABS but better than PLA, and it is as good as odorless.

The biggest problems I have with PETG are overhangs, especially on curved shapes: they tend to curl upwards, and this effect accumulates to the point where it turns into an ugly mess.
The typical tricks to print overhangs beyond the 45° limit seem to fail for PETG:

  • Provide a lot of cooling: this ruins layer adhesion, meaning the prints become very brittle, and it makes the surface of the print dull instead of shiny. I can only enable the fan at a very low speed that is not sufficient to instantly solidify the overhang.
  • Slow down the print: this allows the nozzle to heat up the already printed overhang for a longer time, and this causes it to curl up even more.
  • Print in thinner layers: also seems to promote curling because the hot nozzle is nearer to the previous layers and reheats them.
  • Supports: they are a pain to remove cleanly due to the strength and layer adhesion of PETG.
  • Reduce temperature: I couldn't find a temperature where the curling stops before the extruded material turns into snot.

Does anyone have experience in printing steep overhangs with PETG?

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I need help!!!

by Hedwig05

Hello!!! I am a woman wanting to raise money for charity and other things. I have started making bracelets but I don't know what to add to my business and what I should name it or how my logo should look. I really want to help people in need and I wanted some other opinion. Thank You for any ideas.

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Wifi SD card on Flashforge Creator Pro 2016 : great upgrade

by LaurentRueil

All is in this link

I bought a Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card.
It works very well on my FFCP 2016 with sailfish 7.7

I recommend it.
Price was around 20€ beginning of January.

If you have troubles to configure it or use the FlashAir software, please contact me!

Thanks to DrLex for his help!

WIFI SD Card for 3D Printer (FlashForge Creator Pro 2016)
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nozzle problem

by obeu

i had only one week to change the nozzles, but the filaments accumulated inside the nozzles so it make hard to filaments loding and sometimes it make tick tick sound, what should i do?
(my printer is dreamer nx)

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