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Any experience with Ultrafuse 316L

by ArtieH


I have a acquaintance that is asking for prints in Stainless Steel. I received an email from Matterhackers announcing this new filament offering. I've already ordered a spool so this may be a little late, but does anyone have any experience or suggestions for sintering filaments?

If there is any interest, I'll post my results and experiences in this thread.


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PLA expiration time

by moif

So I've seen a lot online about how PLA will eventually absorb enough moisture to cause issues in your printer, especially if you don't store it in some kind of sealed container. The way people talk about it you'd think that the PLA would go bad after even a week of sitting out. But I've owned some PLA for well over a month now and it still seems to print fine.

I'm really interested to know how long my PLA will last without it being in some kind of sealed container. Most of the solutions I've seen online are either fairly expensive or more DIY time than I really want to put in.

And as a further note - it's crazy to me that next to no companies sell spools with less than 1kg but more than 10ft of filament, for some that can expire so fast if you don't use it. I want to be able to buy like 10m of a color for a particular project and use it immediately. Not 1kg, use a small percentage and hope I get to use it more before the rest goes bad, or have to somehow come up with the storage space for lots of sealed spools in various colors.

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Recycled Filament

by datnewsome

I was curious if anyone knew of any ways to recycle old filament or scrap pieces? I have seen filabot but I thought I heard of a site that took old filament and made it into a new reel.
None the less I am just curious if there is anyway to reuse scrap material again

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by designstation97

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMUNuXoe3-I&list=UUxtCCP-9au9S4aVmPDLTX2A

Above is the link to the video which shows how 3D Printed Cards [VISITING CARDS or GREETING CARDS] can be made.You only need to use leftover filament and the design time required is very less.

The following example of 3D PRINTING OF THE VISITING CARD FOR THE CLIENT was done in Ultimaker 2.

I am attaching a CRISTIANO RONALDO CR7 3D PRINTABLE CARD for all of you.Do subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more 3D Printing and 3D Modelling Tutorials.

3dprintable 3dprinting 3d_printing greeting_card visiting_card
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UV colour changing ABS

by Theprintrbotmaker

Awesome stuff! Really worth the price tag!

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