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A awesome led circle

by Yaxisme

This is a perfectly fitting light for the ender 3. This is the authors link stephenmirfin.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2910453

Ender 3
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Extruder stopped mid print, no nozzle jam...

by LostYorMarbles

Hey all,
I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or guidance on this issue. I've taken a look at the G-code and don't see anything out of the norm. Attached is the gcode for if anyone is curious. I'm printing a scaled up Leo benchy and am frustrated is stopped extruding. When I finally came to my printer I could manually turn the extruder while it was still printing. it stopped around layer height 4.8mmand was turning out amazingly otherwise. Yesterday I printed a bell siphon out of the same material with the same settings that limited out on the height.
Using Prusa Slic3r

I'm going to try it again a little bigger. if there's anything else info wise let me know.

Thanks ahead of time
Mike Hood

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AC bed heaters finally on the way for the Ender 3/3 Pro/5!

by monkeyman40

Hello everyone.
I have worked with Keenovo for a few months to try and have Silicone AC Bed Heaters produced for our hot beds. They have shipped me the first test unit which will arrive tomorrow for me to try on my Creality Ender 5. I will video record the units (2nd is for the Tevo Tarantula, the other unit I attempted to aid in the production of) and capture all results. If the sample units are exactly shaped and spaced expect production to begin extremely soon for as much. The result will be far faster heat up times, more uniform heating and far higher temperatures for our heat beds (finally! No more waiting 22 minutes for a mere 110°C that isn't uniform across the bed). The Keenovo Silicone AC bed heaters produce uniform heat across their entire surface, reach extremely high temperatures (the unit on my CR-10S can reach 381°C and do so in only 4.5 minutes versus our Ender DC beds which are not uniform, won't go over 110°C and take 30 minutes to get there).
I will video record the heater and it's fitment, function and any and all possible problems the unit may have. If you'd like to see that video please reply with YES as your first line with all other responses and questions below that line.
This will also benefit us as the Solid State Relay doesn't draw anywhere near the current the DC bed does so that the current saved can be used by our motors and nozzle heater. Finally the Creality Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 will be able to print in Polycarbonate, Nylon and other very high temperature filaments as the bed will be able to reach and hold temperatures required for as much, plus the additional available current will enable our nozzle heaters to reach the much higher required temperatures!
Great news for we Ender 3/3 Pro/5 owners.

Creality_Ender_5 Ender Ender_3 Ender_3_Pro_Upgrade ender_3_upgrade ender_5_upgrades
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Completely Clogged Micro-Swiss Hotend

by CactusHamster

I have a Micro-Swiss Hotend that is clogged with ABS to the point that I can't even take it apart. I have tried soaking it in acetone, and heating it up and cleaning it. The ABS is is the heating block, nozzle, and the piece that connects the cooling block to the heating block. After I heated everything up to 285C, I used some filament to clean it out, but the cooling block and heating block wouldn't go back together, and more filament got stuck as I tried to print with the unaligned hotend. I the connector piece won't come off of the heating block. I soaked the connector, nozzle, and heating block in acetone for 18 hours, and only about 1/2 of the ABS is gone. Does anyone have any ideas on fixing it?

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