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Filament curling up

filament Help settings

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I am trying to print some things in PLA but with this specific filament its just not possible because if i try to print it it curles up and does not really stick to the bed i can pushi it with verry little force with my pincet and its just curling up all the time on the first layers...
i tried : Leveling , temp higher - lower both hotend and heatbed , lower speeds and i try to use a brim/raft - but not even the brim/raft is sticking to the print bed wich makes it EXTREMELY difficult....

Print settings:
0,2mm layer
210°C now before 200°C Heatend
75°C now before 68°C bed
before 100mm/s now not even 40mm/s
infill 15%

the quoted before refferes to the settings i used before i used the other colour..

but here comes the clue behind it which baffles me a bit..i used this filament about one week ago and it worked perfectly with no problems in the meantime i used another colour of pla and now it wont even stick to the bed and after i switched back to the white one i now have this problems...

and please no : use buildtak or use hairspray or glue !

see in the pictures what i mean with curling up and not sticking to the bed

please help ....

!! Problem solved !

The heatbed is winded up in the middle and on the outer sides lower down so it squishes the filament on the middle while it does not touch the plate on the sides !

--> new heatbed incomming

Wow.... that's quite an off failure!

i had this problem before with the bed adhesion not being too good.
like many of the answers here, i used blue painters tape, a big wide roll. see for example this ebay link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/48mm-X-50m-Blue-Masking-Tape-Roll-Painter-s-Premium-Painting-Masking-Cover-New/253379394155 (or just search for 48mm blue painters tape)
with the bed levelling, the trick i used was to actually go a bit less than an a4 papers thickness. when my initial layer goes down, it's actually looking like the 'too low' in this picture ( https://storage.googleapis.com/helpdocs-assets/Sd0njU6Ihj/articles/ZhBlGFD9Ah/1533649192933/first-layer.png ). the extruder 'squishes' the filament into the tape.

the other thing that might be going wrong is your bed temperature curve is not well calibrated and you're actually getting overshoot. (e.g. it's supposed to be 50C, but it goes to 60C, then 40C, then 60C). try the painters tape, if it doesn't work then try this calibration.

It looks very much like your nozzle is closer to the bed than you think it is. How are you measuring the nozzle distance?

Your pictures look exactly like what happened when I inherited a roll of off-brand blue painter's tape. Nothing would stick, even after wiping with alcohol. I then bought a roll of 3M painter's tape and then had no problems. I find that PLA sticks to 3M tape even without the bed heated.

maybe during that week of not use your filament soaked some moisture from the air? try even hotter than 210 for the first layer without fan at all, then lower and put the fan on from the second layer. Also while leveling, do not push it too hard down leave the nozzle low enough to not print in air and have the lines just about touch each other without having a gap. One thing I was doing before when it curls is to press the nozzle even more hopping it will stick which actually has the opposite effect.

I've learned the best thing to do is to use a Elmer's glue stick. Let it sit for about 2 and 1/2 minutes and then start the print and after that it tends to never fail friends because the glue helps it stick and also it stops the print from sticking to any plexiglass print beds or flexible print beds

yea but the glue stick method is nasty and i once bend one of my y axis rods trying to remove a part because it was holding that good when it finished printing --- notheless i already tried to use glue stick for the first layer and it still curls up like in the pictures

Dismounted from the blue tape
level the table
first layer 0.32mm
Temp table temperature for PLA is max 60 ° C

tried with 0,32mm 1. layer and i get this weird curling...

nope this pla is best at excatly 68°C tested in my lab at my university ! tianse filament uses a blend wich is best on 68°C tested on black , blue , red, green , flourescent yellow, white and coffee brown !

table is leveled
if i have problems with sticking to bed at each attempt i use fresh tape

The only suggestion I can think of is to raise the nozzle very slightly. It looks to me like the first layer might be over-extruding enough that each new line is lifting the previous.

Are you using new tape? Did you get a new roll of tape recently? Makes me think the tape might be contaminated with something, maybe try cleaning it with Windex of Isopropyl alcohol?

Personally, I've never had any luck with a clean substrate and always use a coating of PVA glue.

What is the height of the first layer? Standard hotend - 0.4mm?

0,2mm and yes 0,4mm nozzle

the correct first layer at 0.4mm (hotend) is 0.32mm, the next can be any.

what do you mean by that ? so on the first layer i should use 0,32mm and on the others 0,2 (or whatever me pleases ) ?

Yes. the first layer is 80% of the hotend diameter

ok i will try it and then report back. is it ok if i dm you ?

"Makes me think the tape might be contaminated with something, maybe try cleaning it with Windex of Isopropyl alcohol?"
That's what I would assume, too. The tape looks very shiny.

The painting tape is not suitable for this. The tape is covered with paraffin so that the paint does not go over!

ok ? never heard of this... should i try other type of tape ? its the sctoch blue tape and yes @Meazmieter i already tried to wipe it with 2-propanol but it just washed the blue of and changed nothing in printing... also the tape is "new" (about 1 month old) - i had before the same tape and used it for 12months ~

I use clean glass, I do not grease anything, I do not spray. Zero problem.

I have some simillar problems
I use mirror without exactly size what's table id and stick to table by some silicone.
After table leveling problem was solved.
You may also try to lower nozzle temperature.

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