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DIY all-metal hotend...

by TrotFox

So I'm trying to home-brew an all-metal hotend. My first attempt is not doing great so I'm looking for input from people who have some experience with them.

Basically, I've taken a SS M6 screw, drilled it through at 2mm, turned off the head, then cut a reduced OD (4mm) between the heatsink block and the heater block. I put thermal compound on the heat sink as well.

Results so far are great flow with ABS at 250C until the first retraction, then clog. I can force it to extrude by hand but the next time it retracts, I get a clog again.

Should I reduce the OD of my heatbreak to 3mm for greater isolation, or am I missing something basic?


all-metal diy hotend machining
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PNV 57E Night Vision mount 3d print

by YerbaOrbitalSolutions

I got a pair of old soviet NVG's about a year ago and I would like to use them for my Metro 2033 Ranger loadout. The problem is that I cant seem to find the original mount for them online, or anyone who is willing to sell one. As my 3d modelling skills are that of a beginner, I cant design the bloody thing. Does someone have the know how for making this sort of thing here?
If you need any measurements or more pictures of the goggles for reference, Id be happy to provide more.

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Print on Metal Mesh

by ripper121

Hi :),
I'm curious if it's possible to print directly on a metal Mesh with PLA.
I like to build a analysis screen (picture attached).

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Movement library - like Spotify for robots

by megamikey

I was a kid back in 80s when our RC trucks servo motor busted and I opened it to examine what was broken. Then I realized that this was an interesting piece that converts electricity to movement. And I thought back then that how would it fit in a robot arm and in what ways to move it. Then I learned to program with different programming languages, but using a 386 PC there was problems to program a serial port to send a steady PWM signal to the servo. I left the ideas to grow and learned to make electrical soldering boards in school.

As older I tried it again with a BeagleBoard, but the idea was not in it's prime back then and I left it. At the same time I thought about this new technology that Torsten Reil had developed, using AI network to control single joints of a biped movement. I wrote to Torsten and suggested to make an Open sourced platform from their technology back in 2006, but there was no answer then. Then I decided to start making my own testing platform, first the idea was to make a simple role playing game like older Elder Scrolls games and to create character movements with AI. That was a tougher job to create and the project got halted. And the character had some simple movements and weapons like spear. Here's an example https://code.google.com/archive/p/gaima/

From there I thought that what would it be like to combine the technology that's used in computer games to robotics. Not meaning that robotics would have same features as computer games but thinking the ways how animation moves characters in 3d space.

So the newest project came with these ideas and is resulted in a new movement library. It's a library where you can store movements and modify and share them. With different configurations you can play the same movement with servos or different kind of serial connected actuators. The movement data itself is licensed with LGPL and there's a premium controller in beta test that offers a movement storage and playback inside from the Raspberry Pi device.

You can attach movements to Thingiverse objects where you can show the models and the configuration of the servos. Here's an example thing to move.

Hope to hear feedback from you soon and what you think!

Brainyhand left
Articulated Decoration Raspberry_Pi robot servo
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What is the best software for desiging for 3D printers

by nickbwilson

I'm fairly new to 3D printing, but have become obsessed. I've used Tinker Cad to design and print a few things, but it seems to have some limitations. I'd like to invest some time learning a better program but I'm not sure which one to start into. I spent a bit of time with Blender tutorials, but it dosnen't seem like its really meant for this purpose. Could anyone give me advice on which program would work well. I don't mind investing time in learning, but I don't want to waste a bunch on time on a program only to find out it isn't the one that's really best for 3D printer design work. What do you guys use?

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LCD-Screen Holder 14"

by Draque

I want to reuse several Screens from old Notebooks.
Now I need a holder for it.

I have started several times in designing them in Tinkercad and Fusion, but I am not pleased, since I need to do them splitable and scalable.
They need to be split, because i only have 300x300x400 printvolume and already 15" doesnt fit.
Zhey need to be scalable, since they have different sizes.

Or the design has to that clever that it only catches the corners and ties them in the middle. The i need to attach a raspi and am done.

Does someone know if there already exist such a design and can point me at it?

Or sth similiar, since i didnt find any useful and convertible stuff.


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SolidWorks to OnShape

by sen2two

I use to have access to SolidWorks through my employer, whom I no longer work for. I am now looking at OnShape as a free CAD software for home use.

Has anyone here used it?

It's made my the same company as SW, I'm curious to know if I can use all of my old SW files in OnShape? How similar is it in function?

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Belt elasticity

by truglodite

I was thinking instead of going up in size or screw drives etc, maybe belt elasticity itself could be reduced by using a smooth inelastic material on the half of the belt that doesn't travel around the drive pulley? This might be implemented by attaching a strap to the idler side of the carriage, swap the toothed idler for a smooth one, and splice the other end of the strap to the GT2 belt near the motor when the carriage is in the far position. Besides being less elastic, it might also run smoother and be lighter on the motors.

What are y'alls thoughts? Any ideas what materials could be used for the strap & a matching pulley?

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Need help with a screw-hole-like thingy

by EnderPhantom

I made a wooden hidden blade from assassin's creed, and I wanted a screw hole to hold the case and cover together so I don't have to glue it together in case I needed to open it. But I don't have any screws lying around so I decided to print a screw hole and use a short part of a filament as screws. So I made this model in Fusion 360. Then I sent it to meshmixer to export it and then import to cura. When it went into cura the dimensions changed, it was oringinaly 6.86.87, but then it was 6.556.557, so the filament didn't fit. After that I scaled it ununiformly to its original size and printed it out, it still couldn't fit. I even tried to make the hole 2mm (1.75mm filament) and scale it to 116%(original size*1.1), it didn't fit either.

Autodesk_Fusion_360 cura fusion_360 hole holes meshmixer
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