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Recent Topics

Create servo movements with a live web controller

by megamikey

How to record a robotic movement live and how to export it to an Arduino device.

We released a movement (supports simultaneous movements for multiple servos) live recording and export support for Arduino and compatible controller boards.

We have created a web interface that allows to record multiple servo movements and upload the movement to an Arduino board. The movement can also be used with a Raspberry Pi and configured to different kind of servos and actuators.

If you are planning complex sequences for multiple servos for example quadruped movement, this is very useful. Or if you are planning and testing your device from ground up. The service is currently in beta and will continue to grow with more features.

arduino Quadruped Raspberry_Pi robot servo
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engineering plus toys

by AdrexQuicksilver

I've been experimenting with using engineering techniques to create toys. This is my first attempt. I'm looking for feedback and suggestions


Orbital spinner fidget toy (updated)
Orbital spinner fidget toy (four arms)
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3d printing services

by krvelvet

Can anyone here recommend a 3d printing service? I would like to print thymark's Compost Shredder (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:356580) but I don't currently have access to a printer. I've been looking into it a bit, but are there any online services that one of you have tried and recommend to me? My main wants are low cost, shipping, and PLA or ABS. No special materials (like metal etc.) needed. Also, this design has many separate parts in it. Would this be a problem? How should I file these so I get my order correct? Thank you to anyone who can recommend a good service!

Compost shredder
by thymark
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Help with math and designing...

by skitcher

I have 2 circles, one with a circumference of 325 and one with 160.2212. I need to figure out how to space an object evenly around both circles, while the spaces between the objects around the circumference of a circle are equal on both circles
if that makes any sense

Im 3d designing tank tracks and I need to figure out how to space the notches on the tread and the bumps on the wheel so they fit together.

pls help...

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Fine thread tuning on male bolts, Avoiding isotropic disaster!

by jessefilson94

This is about trying to print a bolt in pla for use in an actual metal threaded fixture, and how hard it is to get something that works before destroying/ delaminating the piece you trusted to work.

I had bought an aftermarket throttle and throttle housing on ebay for my motorcycle 6 months ago only to fine that the thread on my throttle cable and the new housing are a giant leaps difference in size. Trying to design a part with threads was my plan, except everything I printed had broken due to compression & torsion. Keeping in mind that all these attempts are in pla, never using abs before I challenged myself to make this work out for me. I found that you do not have to make any weird contraption to make the threads line up. There was so much friction in the groove that ran the length of the bolt that I realized there needs to be less thread if I am going to make this work. Kindly embracing the design of a normal threading tap I took out four equally spaced circular sections starting from the end profile of the bolt and printed horizontally. This seem to work amazingly compared to my ratchet style end I had previously thought of and tried.

SO, my recommendation, to anyone trying to print fine threads that work, is to try eliminating most of the threads that are giving you trouble and leave enough to make it work. Designing it to have the look of a threading tap has TWO major benefits. The tension of poor resolution threads is decreased and the grooves left behind are PERFECT for filling in with some 2 Ton Epoxy to add strength and avoid delamination.

I just wanted to publish my findings because I have been reiterating a hollow bolt design for the past 6 months trying to find some way to make the plastic part work for me. If you would like me to explain further I can upload files as well.

Thanks Jesse.

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