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Recent Topics

Extruder combos

by luck3est

I'm making progress on a large 3d printer that will be able to support up to 7 extruders. I've only ever printed with 2 materials max so I was wonder what I would do with that many extruders. My first though it to be able to just have all the different filaments I would ever use on tap so all I have to do to a print is assign a material and then it's ready to go. I would love some extra ideas for good filament combinations (practical and pretty). It would also be nice to get some ideas as to what you all would put in 7 extruders. You can assume that everything will be in dry box's and have guided filament paths.

building diy Large_Format multimaterial tool_change
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Making a 3D printer : FEEDBACK NEEDED !!

by DylansPrints1234

Hello all !
I am Studying Design and technology as an A-level in college and I've decided to make '3D technology' as my Coursework.
I need your help to specify what to make!
So my question is :
What would benefit you the most to have alongside or on your 3D printer ?

  • A reliable 3D scanner.
  • A multi extrusion 3D printer.
  • A smaller portable 3D printer.
  • A 3D part recycler !
  • 3D printer storage ( for spools and accessories).
  • Or any other suggestion please !!!!

If anyone is interested in being a stakeholder for this project please contact me. - dylansambler@gmail.com

Another question for you is :
what was the main problem with your 3D printer when you first got it ?

I will be back during the design process for your input, Thank you !

3d_printer 3D_printing 3D_recycler 3D_scanner 3d_scanning Client Feedback forumsfeedback Help multiextrusion
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Opinions wanted

by luck3est

I've had my good ol' tevo tarantula and I've modified almost every part of it. I now have the time and I would like to design my own 3D printer from scratch, the thing is I can't decide if I want to build a best bang for buck printer or if I should go big. With my bang for the buck option I was thinking of going with 2 printers with 200mm x 200mm printers with duel extruders and a new 32 bit main board. For my no holds barred option I was considering a whopping 500mm x 500mm print area with as many as 7 extruders thanks to the duets expandability. I am partial to the idea of a massive printer with many extruders so I can make very complex designs, but I'm not sure if it will be as useful as I think. So Id like to get some other thoughts and hear what people here think of it.

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Help me in solving an enigma

by 101a

Hello! I need some help if possible in solving an enigma.
The video linked above shows an optical illusion made with 2 separated images/layers, the table and the fishes on the floor. This is a six-frame optical illusion, but modified in order to create a 3d object.
Here u can find how to create a common 6-frame illusion (and the link for the download of a illusion generator app).. The app generates 2 single sheets that, once printed will produce the illusion when slided one above the other.
Now the question: Is anybody able to identify the scale ratio of the 2 planes? This is a simple 6-frame animation where the two sheets are not sliding with direct contact, but are divided by a certain distance. In order to compensate this distance (6 step animations produce 2 complementary striped images) the image on the floor had been scaled (is bigger than the table as u can see). The question is how much? Is anybody able to identify the ratio (constant scale factor relative to the distance between the 2 layers)?
Once solved well be able to 3d print any optical illusion properly (static self animating cool objects).

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How to drastically increase print speed on FDM 3D printers?

by m3dcf

Our response to this question is:

We need print filaments with smaller diameters, something around 1mm or less.

When print speed is drastically increased the core of the filament will no longer have time to reach the required melting temperature. Choking on the nozzle output is the first visible consequence. In fact, increasing heat block temperature is the worst solution for that. You'll start cooking and boiling the surface of the filament, the core of the filament will have even more difficulty to melt and inevitably the nozzle will rapidly get clogged.

With smaller diameter filaments the core will be able to reach melt temperatures faster. That will really and significantly favor the temperature gradient between the surface and the core of the filament.

Bowden extruders may struggle with very thin filaments, but direct drive extruders would have no problem.

We hope the 3D Printing Community could push manufactures to support this change.

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