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Gap in walls

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A week ago, my prints were turning out absolutely perfect. Now, using the EXACT same settings, there are gaps between the infill and the walls - but only in some areas. I have pictures attached.... It's extremely odd. Even the walls are printed with terrible quality. I realigned my x and y axis so they are the exact distance thinking that might be the problem; but the problem persists. Both axis are oiled up nicely.

Any thought/ideas?

Looking at img-6178, at the wall that was built up: that looks like under-extrusion or something similar. It may be time to take the hotend apart and clean it all (nozzle and all).

The gap between infill and wall looks like a belt is loose, or if not a belt, maybe a roller/eccentric nut. This is an early print I made with the x belt too loose, the maze walls should all be solid. Surprisingly, it produced the same gap consistently in every single layer:

I've been a little afraid to tension my belts really tight, because last time I did that it actually bent the shaft on the stepper motor. However I could try a little tighter in small variables and see how it turns out.

Are the shifts along the Y-axis?

If this is a larger print than previously, then you may be getting some consistent layer shifting due to long travel moves and a heavy bed.

Try printing until you see the problem, then slow down the speed. If the problem stops, then it’s likely that.

I had lots of layer shifting issues for a while with a glass bed on my first Ender 3, then managed to solve it by tweaking down the print speed.

The shifts were actually along the X-axis, but if it was the Y your statement makes perfect sense!

I'm not sure it's the only problem, but it looks to me like the bed needs to be re-leveled. The right side of the print from IMG-6180 shows signs of underextrusion in the bottom layer but the top, bottom, and left sides of the print seem fine - whatever side or corner of the bed that part of the print was on should come up a bit. It could be that the innermost of the perimeter lines isn't sticking very well, gets shifted over, and then a big gap is left behind.

There are some other possibilities, though without any settings changes compared to other prints I'm not sure how likely they are. Reducing speed might help, but check the level first and see if that helps.

The bed is fairly level and I have a BL tough on top of that, but I'll re-level it and try again at a lower speed!