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Nozzle rising off print bed at start of print

cura_settings Failed_Print nozzle nozzle_height printer_calibration z_axis

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I've had my Ender 3 Pro for a short while. I have done about 15-20 successful prints. I added yellow bed level springs and a dual gear metal extruder. I was doing some research on calibrating the X Y Z axis by doing a calibration cube, and calibrating the extruder for the best results. I ordered a pair of calipers, did the math for the extruder and had it set appropriately, and then I printed a calibration cube. The very first print came out .0X off on all axis, so I left the adjustments alone. That small of an increment wasn't enough for me to worry about.


After doing the calibration cube print, I attempted to make a print I had previously sliced in Cura using Chep's setup. I had already made other prints with his set up so nothing new was in play. For some reason, my nozzle is rising 2-4mm off the bed as soon as it starts printing. This is during the purge lines, setting the skirt, and printing. It acts as if being off the bed is it's new Zero. I can not for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong. I did not mess with anything what so ever. I went from a perfect print, to try to print again and it's been hell ever since. I can't even print the Dog STL that comes on the printer. Is there something I'm overlooking?
Please any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like there is a z offset somewhere in the gcode that is no longer valid. I assume you did a new bed leveling after installing the new springs. The gcode may have become corrupted, re-slice and try again

I tried doing a new slice on a whole new STL and a whole different computer with freshly installed Cura.
I did a bed level after installing everything. Like I stated before, I printed a calibration cube perfectly, and then went on to having failed prints immediately afterwards. I have bed leveled too many times to count before I finally saw it was reading higher on the Z axis than the set zero mark.

Try resetting your EEPROM. I manage to do this pretty much every time I flash new firmware, because I forget to clear the EEPROM.

M502 (‘factory reset’) then M500 (store settings), if you haven’t got the option to reset from the display.

Is there a youtube video for this? I'll try it

Did you get anywhere with this?

Yes. Partially dumb, partially limit switch, partially settings. I double checked everything, set it back to factory numbers and got it working with a little more calibration. I appreciate the help from everyone

About the 8 minute mark here:

This Entire video explains firmware, compiling, boot-loaders, etc. concisely.