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Help needed

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Hey everyone I'm having issues with my Ender 3 pro. About 3 months ago I started having issues that went from layer shifting, to the nozzling falling out, to now after an hour it stops extruding. The filament seems to balloon in the tube blocking it. Most of the time I have to replace the tube because I can't remove the filament no matter what I do.

Here is what I have done:
Leveled the bed
Upgraded the springs
Upgraded the extruder
Replaced the whole hot end

Still though after 45 minutes filament stops coming out. Is there anyone here that can help me?

It sounds like a bunch of different problems that may not be related. Layer shifting is usually loose belts or too much speed for the motor to cope with. If you have a glass bed then the extra weight makes Y-axis layer shifts a recurring problem if you aren’t printing slowly. (Inertia is the main issue with 3d printer motion problems.)

Under-extrusion typically means you have a partial blockage in the hot-end. It is important to cut the end of the Bowden tube square and ensure it is tight against the nozzle. I always assemble the hot-end cold, and push the tube in fully with the nozzle backed away from tight — a gap of about a half-turn should be about right. Then you bring the hot-end up to temperature and tighten the nozzle to press the tube against the locking mechanism. You don’t want too much pressure or the tube might distort, but you also don’t want any gap.

This is a PITA so I am getting some ‘all metal’ (multi-material) heat-breaks to try out.

Check your belts are tight enough, and play with the hot-end and Bowden tube. Even use an off-cut or short piece of Bowden tube to experiment with to get just the right amount of pressure dialled in, then do it for real. (If your Bowden tube gets too short then you’re going to have to do it all over.)

I can't say for sure but I hope this method can help. It should keep the bowden tube from unseating from the nozzle.

Original Hot End Fix Creality , Tevo Tornado, Tronxy, JG Aurora, Eryone ThInker

Depending on how far up the tube the ballooning occurs you may have a poorly cooled hot end heat sink (check or replace the fa, is it on backwards ???). Another cause could be a poorly fitting bowden tube that is not seated against the nozzle correctly or poor connectors that allow the tube to back out