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How to take care of magnetic bed?

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How do you take care of your magnetic bed? Do you wash it? With what and how often? Do you use acetone or hairspray with it? After 3 almost perfect prints I have some sticking issues and I think it might be connected with bad bed cleaning. Any pieces of advice will be highly appreciated!

So many and so quick answers! Thank you all so much. I've tried everything today, and filament (which was fine before for 4 prints) still is no sticking. Either I somehow damaged my magnetic bed, or I have some serious leveling issues which is strange as I printed those projects including demo dog and they were just fine. I will do some extra research on forum and hopefully will find some anwsers. sbeecroft - your solution is the last thing I would like to try, as I'm not good with this kind of stuff but will try it eventually!

Well, it could also depend on how much surface area the print has on the bottom. I learned this the hard way after failing twice when printing adaptors for my Nerf Kronos. I ended up using painter's tape slathered in glue stick to make it work.

Try printing the first few layers of a file you've already managed successfully and then see how well they have stuck. If they aren't sticking then you could try drying your filament - this did change things for me.

I just use Hot water and dish soap.

i use swarfega and water, just rub the swarfega in with your hand then rinse it all off and dry with a lint free cloth, i find if ive been touching the bed with my hands thats when i have problems.

As stated I use isopropyl 90% or so alcohol to clean the mat about every 6-7 prints. I use Aqua net hair spray if I start getting issues with the mat adhesion, a light dusting when warm gets it done. (I keep the hot end up and bed extended out to avoid any overspray on other mechanics/fans or just remove it and do it away from your printer)) NEVER use Acetone as it will melt most plastics and begin to remove a layer of your mat! I use the Acetone to soak my nozzles to remove clogs ( soak them in a closed jar for a day or so makes it a snap to clean the nozzle) Note: the alcohol will remove the built up hairspray and embedded PLA when it seems like it's getting a bit too thick- Hope this helps :)

I usually just wipe it down with 91% isopropyl alcohol every 2-3 prints. I washed it with dawn last night to remove some residual PLA from a tight brim that was stuck on.. Can't hurt.

I would be very surprised if your issue was the bed not being clean. I print 20 or 30 prints between wiping the magnetic bed down with isopropyl alcohol. It's sounds like you are having the Ender bed level issue that we all struggle with. https://makersteve.com/2018/10/02/a-tale-of-two-enders-bed-level-ender-3-fix/. Here is a description and my guide:

This will probably help also.


I watched the video and then ordered the orange springs and some M4 nuts.
I could not get two good prints in a row.

Another thing I did was trim the magnetic sheet by 5mm of width so that it matches the heated bed.
I saw the dang thing brush up against the power supply and curl up when the bed moved to a low "Y" coordinate.
No wonder my leveling never worked !

I just wipe it with 90% isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth to get dirt, oils off of it.

I use that all of the time and it helps my prints stick.

At the very least, wipe it with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth to get dirts, oils, and leftover plastics off of it. I had an adhesion issue on my first and second prints, and since then I've used a glue stick before each print, and wiping with alcohol after. Perfect adhesion every time, but it does make a little bit of a mess of the magnetic pad. I scrape some of the excess glue off every so many prints.

I don't need glue so long as I keep the build surface clean. I do wash with water instead of IPA though.