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Mk8 All Metal Extruder to replace Mk10 plastic one

by Cathprotech

Hi all,

I'm doing a bit of tinkering to improve my Ender 3.
I have new Bowden tube, Pneumatic couplings, tips, etc and also stripped down my hot end and heat sink for a good clean.
Having seen several videos about replacing the extruder for an all metal one I place and order which came today.

The problem I have is that it is the wrong one, it’s a Mk8 and the Ender 3 has a Mk10.

Now fitting it all together everything looks fine, the only thing different is that I need to get 2 x longer screws as the original are too short to reach through to the stepper motor and the gear wheel / knurled cog has less but larger teeth, same diameter though. This is no big deal with the screws and I don’t even know if the gear wheel is the same for the all metal Mk10 anyway.

As far as I can see, everything appears the same as the Mk10.

So, my question(s):-

What is the difference, advantage / improvement wise from the Mk8 to the Mk10 ?
Would there be any reason I should not go ahead and fit this all metal Mk8 extruder to my Ender 3 ?

I have seen the odd YouTube video where they have and Ender CR10 and the exact same extruder that I have.


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Direct Drive E3D V6 BMG Ender3 / CR10 FDM parts Remix

by Timo_76761

Now i have uploaded a remix of the 2 Main-Parts optimized for FDM Printing.


Direct Drive E3D V6 BMG Ender3 / CR10 FDM parts Remix
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Direct Drive Printhead Ender 3 BMG E3D V6 (SLS Print)

by Timo_76761


i have remixed Gregs Printhead an added the BMG style Extruder directly to the Printhead to get a clean design of the head.
This is for SLS Print Designed and for now i totally satisfied that i am done this change on my Ender 3.


Direct Drive Printhead Ender 3 BMG E3D V6 (SLS Print)
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Two 12 volt fans in series one 24 volt output?

by Daimein2007

I have 24-volt ender 3. Can I use hot end mod with two 12 volt fan wires in series?

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Bowden Extruder top mount mod

by seltix

Hi All,

Who need to solve filament guide problems?? Try this!

For anyone interested I have designed this Bowden Extruder nema 17 motor top mount 2020 extrusion. It includes:



Bowden Extruder nema 17 motor top mount 2020 extrusion (Ender, Geeetech)
by seltix
2020 2020_extrusion 2020_mount bowden_extruder bowden_extruder_mount Creality Ender Ender_3 extruder extruder_mount
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Ender 3 Height Upgrade

by Shmuckety

I built new Z axis rails for my Ender 3. I think it went fairly well after some trial and error. I am calling it Ender 3 Pro XT

I will have to print a lot more tall things to see how well it works, but so far I like it. Anyone else try this? Haven't seen any online except mine.

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MKS GEN L w/ TMC2208 Issues

by SgtTaz

Just installed the MKS GEN L makerbase board with TMC 2208 in standalone mode. I can't wrap my head around the issues I'm having even SHENKO has tried to help but still no idea why this isn't working right. I can home X&Y no issues, Z doesn't like to get anywhere near home and E seems to be studdering. All connections seem right used vanilla Marlin following Teaching Techs video as well as tried a few other settings-still same issue. Anyone else have anything similar in the way of this issue. I've swapped steppers around and same issue on Z & E so it's not the TMC2208's I'm just miffed at this point, not like I haven't troubleshooted these type of issues before even though my coding is sub par at best I've always been able to see most of my issues. Any help is appreciated

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Ender 3 Pro Upgrades

by DdoubleU

Hi there, I'm extremely new to 3D printing but have somehow managed to hit the floor running! I can't believe how good the Ender 3 Pro quality of printing is. I'm now at a stage where i'm wanting to start adding some hardware upgrades to it. Overall i'd like to make it quieter as the printer is sitting next to me in my office. I'd also like to add a touch screen, BL touch and upgrade the motherboard too (is 32bit the way to go?). I've Youtubed a lot of Videos (Teaching Tech in particular) and have to admit that it's quite daunting to decide which upgrades to go for (parts in particular).
Would people be kind enough to suggest what's the best options please?

Regards, Dave.

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bl-touch issues

by Camsuhad55

Hi, I'm having trouble with my Bl touch smart on my Ender 3. the problems include the probe on the Bl touch not deploying constantly every time, an if it deploy throughout the ABL process, it does not level perfectly. could use so help.

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