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CNC Conversion?

by Ender3Guy

Hi all,

I have a few parts that I need machined, but unfortunately I have no way to get them made. Instead, I've decided to convert my Ender 3 to a snapmaker-style hybrid with CNC and 3D printing capabilities. My idea is to mount a clamping mechanism on the X carriage that can grab either my hotend/duct assembly or an adaptor for a Dremel flexible shaft.
The Y extrusion will have to move forwards somewhat to account for the extra space between the hotend and the X axis carriage. Luckily I have some spare extrusion and a friend with a drill press, so that won't be a problem.
I'll also be adding XT60 connectors for the heaters, with smaller connectors for the fans, thermistors, etc. on the hotend and bed.
I'll be following Makeitmakeitmakeit's method of disposing of springs, thus removing any potential flex from the setup.

Any comments? Suggestions? Issues? Please let me know.

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Ender 3 Enclosure

by Marvmania

Here you can find my Ender 3 Enclosure =)


Enclosure/ Umhausung Ender3 Pro
CR-10 Creality enclosure Ender Ender_3 gehäuse housing LED plexiglass
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Mount for E3D with ABL and standart fan?

by VikingChels


I want to upgrade my Ender3 with an E3D Hotend.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2978287/files this was my first try but now the fan for the nozzle isn't fitting.
Through several models later i hoped you can help me.

Is there any model on thingiverse for an Ender3 to mount an E3D with ABL and use the standart fans?

Thank you!

E3D v6 Hot end assembly Creality Ender-2/3 CR-10 etc
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Replacing Ender3 Pro PSU Fan - Pin Assignement ??

by joedun

Hi all,

I just replaced my Ender3 Pro's PSU Fan. But I think I messed it up when I tried to get the connector from the old fan to the new one. I am afraid that I switched the wires and killed my new fan bexause it is not running. I will get today a 9V battery connector to test the fan. But could anyone help me with the pin assignement of the connector so that I can be sure that the fan is correct installed?

hanks very much,


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Shorting issue

by PeterG71

Hi, I was working on changing the hot end on my Ender3 earlier today when disaster struck. A couple of the wires shorted and now the hot end temperature states 145 and not the room temp, this is the case even when the thermistor is removed. I want to check if anyone can identify what bit has blown and if I can fix it before I go and get a replacement board..
All help appreciated.


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Frequent electrical shocks

by Gator421

I get frequent light shocks whenever I touch bare metal on my Ender 3. Not serious but annoying as hell. Any ideas how to stop this?

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In frame LED light, no parts needed

by fassy

Hei Guys

Here is just simple LED mod for Ender 3 and also CR-10

Needed a 1m LED strip (pure white or RGB) (width 10mm)

  1. Take off top Aluminium bar
  2. Slide the led strip into the v-frame, from the right lower corner
  3. get of the back side from the Z roller (fits without interference)
  4. Pull it through until the power cable is on the same level like the bed (ish)
  5. Slide the LED strip from the top left corner into the V-frame
  6. get of the back side from the Z roller (same like before)
  7. go down to the level of the bed (ish)
  8. Put the aluminium bar on top back on, flip the LED bar into it.
  9. Tighten all screws power LED, enjoy :-)
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Ender 3 board upgrades

by truer39

Anyone looking to upgrade the base board in the ender 3. Share your knowledge here....

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Power Loss

by Poppy506

Power loss
Hello. I am new to 3d printing and I have so much to learn
I recently purchased a Ender 3. I have had small successes but have run into a problem. I am getting the error message "Power Loss"
I am sure that there hasn't been any disruption in electrical service. Resuming print has only resulted in a bad print. Is there an upgrade? Any other suggestions?

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