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Ender 3 Troubleshooting

by TekMason

SHENKOE has done some great work in this forum and has created an excellent Ender3 Troubleshooting guide.

See SHENKOE's post in this group:
Troubleshooting. - General - Creality Ender 3 - Groups - Thingiverse

OR his thing:
Troubleshooting. - General - Creality Ender 3 - Groups - Thingiverse

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
Creality3D Ender 5 Thingiverse group
Having problems with your Ender3? See Ender 3 Troubleshooting
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Smoke Detector cuts power

by NikDFish

My Ender 3 enclosure has had a smoke detector installed pretty much since I built it. I recently got around to upgrading it a bit so that printer power would automatically be killed if the detector went off. This was done by using a detector that is built to be linked to other detectors plus a relay designed for use with that style of detector.

The smoke detector was $12.25 at Amazon (prime) First Alert Smoke Detector Alarm | Hardwired with Backup Battery, BRK9120b6CP
The relay was $16.89 at Amazon (prime) BRK RM4 Smart Relay for First Alert

The specs on the relay looked to be plenty adequate for the Ender 3 power draw (15 amp resistive or 1/3 HP motor). I wired the relay into a short (2') extension cord so the printer power gets interrupted if the smoke alarm goes off.

I used some round 3 conductor antenna rotor cable for the connection from cord to smoke detector pigtail. All connections were soldered & covered with multiple layers heat shrink. I didn't bother with an enclosure for the relay assembly, it was already heat shrink sealed as a bundle, so I just taped the connections together to make a neat packet.

Wiring was pretty straight forward. The pigtail for the smoke detector wanted hot & neutral wires (from the plug) plus a third for the signal. The input for the relay needed signal (from the detector) + hot & neutral (from the plug). On the output side, the relay common got a connection to hot from the plug. The socket end of the cord got ground & neutral from the plug end + the relay's NC wire for the hot side.

Tested it out before plugging the printer in (had already checked wiring cold for continuity & shorts). It dropped power on the detector test button being pressed & restored power about 5 seconds after the beeping stopped. This assembly got plugged into the power strip from the UPS I use for the printer.

It doesn't address everything that could go wrong, but if I need to leave the area for a bit it makes for a bit of insurance while I'm out of earshot.

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Help loading TH3D_UFW_U1.R2..7.

by dlwy3k

Been trying to get the Ender 3 running with TH3D off and on for about 3 months.
Followed the company video over and over with no success. They were not able to help.
Would like for someone to stick with me to get this printer working.
I am not a techie by any means.


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Ender 3 hero me

by darcdrake

Hi guys,I decided to print and use the hero me for the Ender 3.Everything is good but somehow I can't find the correct position for the fan blowers.
I have watched some guides on YouTube but everyone telling a different thing.
Can anyone guide me and show me the correct position, right now i have them just under the heat block.
Thanks in advance.

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The Perfect Cura Profile

by Ender3Guy

So... I've been tuning my Ender for well over six months now, and have consistently gotten good prints from it over the past week. I have tried several online profiles with no success so I thought I'd post mine here. You are more than welcome to make derivatives of it and post them if you find a way to improve.

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