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Switches and 12v regulated psus

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I'm wanting to purchase either :
12v 3a switches or
12v 5a switches (more expensive same thing)

To replace something similar to this :

Power switch -1 pc (rated 250V 1A, for mounting hole 13x19mm)

The fact that his power switch is rated 1a makes no sense to me. Does this mean my 3a switch model could replace this switch in the same build? Or should I stick with 5a like the psu will be rated? (I have 5a and 30a psus both of which I want to switch on and off).

ToyREP Power Supply Cover
by thorgal


I don't really understand the question. I assume your power supply has an output with max. 12 Volts 5 Ampere which is approx. 60 Watt (losses not neglected). If the switch is used to switch on and off the input Voltage, probably between 120 and 230 Volts then you switch a current between 0.5 and 0.25 Ampere (again losses not neglected). So the mentioned power switch rated 250 V 1 A should me more than sufficient.

The 250v 1a switch looks like trash.

I want to use the other ones in place of it is the question if they will work in the same situation.

That should be pretty clear.

Sorry, it is not clear, at least not to me. If you want a precise answer you should describe what you want to switch. Is it the power from a wall outlet as input to the power supply or is it the output of a power supply. If you switch 250 Volts AC which has a peak voltage of about 320 Volts with a switch that is designed or 12 Volt as you describe, you probably will get a large electric arc (spark) inside the switch for one or two times and then the switch is dead. It's not only a question of voltage and current it's also a question of isolation.
To be clear, I personally never would use a switch rated for 12 Volt to switch 250 V AC and that's what you want as far as I understand.

I could switch the power from psu to ramps was the idea. that means the psu keeps running though after thinking over your post so i guess I do gotta get a different switch.

In the case of psu to ramps stay the 12v switches? and cutting from wall to psu 250v ac?

and yea that is what i was wanting basically. oh well guess its a sad day to have to use such switch.

If you're switching 5A DC, you will need a switch rated for 5A DC or greater. If you are switching 250V AC you need a switch rated for 250V AC or greater. The current rating and the voltage rating are not interchangable. The switch must be rated for both. Also bear in mind that AC and DC ratings are not interchangable either.