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Introduce yourself

by wd5gnr

I'll start... Al... WD5GNR... I'm a EE/computer guy. Wrote "Build your own PCB", "Understanding 3D Printing", and a lot of other books (and articles in Nuts & Volts and Dr. Dobb's and more). My primary interest these days is FPGAs although--obviously--I also enjoy 3D printing. I also do a lot of PIC, AVR, and ARM as well as Linux and some Windows software.


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Lighting Enhancement

by TheAussieGonz

I had a 12V automotive 15 LED strip with 3M sticky backing nicely lined up under the headpiece of my A8. The wiring was dead easy, loomed straight into the two corner terminal posts for +12V and GND.

However, despite the nice psychedelic mood glow in the corner of the room, it cast the shadow of the hot end carriage and X bars precisely over the print job, more than mildly disappointingly.

So just now I demoted the LED strip to the garage and brought in one of 10 6-SMD LED festoon lamps I got for $1 on eBay. I tested for polarity on my bench supply and determined that the end with SMD resistor hiding in one of its hollow metal contact ends was the negative, cut a scrap of light single-core multi-strand speaker wire in two, stripped the ends, jammed them into the festoon contacts with press-fit aluminium foil and fashioned a small cable clamp from a piece of champagne cork wire (nice gold colour, no sense throwing it away!), which is anchored by the existing main board post nut.

From there to the terminals was a matter of centimetres, and, tucked in a recessed edge of 1 cm, it illuminates just where I want it without spilling in my direction.

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Discord Server

by kadse

Hey, feel free to join our Discord server about 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other related maker topics!

Invite: https://discord.gg/WZyyYtA

chat community discord electronics talk
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Replacement SD card reader

by Brian38J

I have a Balco touch. it's the re-badged Wanhao i3 plus.
Mainboard v5.2c
My problem is a failed SD card reader, the card no longer locks into place.
I can replace it easily if I can source a replacement SD card reader.
Can anyone help, please?

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