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Print platform no longer at bottom upon completion of print...

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I've noticed that my last 2 prints, which were successful, did not complete as usual with the platform being sent to the bottom of my 3d20 for "easy" removal. Is there a setting something that i may have changed somewhere without knowing it? Do i need to re calibrate? This is weird. Anyone ran into this before?


Which firmware and software are you using? I've had this happen a few times as well since I upgraded to 1.2.0 and 1.2.2 still does it. It's fairly rare for me. But as far as I know it's not a setting it's a bug.

Running v1.5 (20180611). I also contacted Dremel and the tech mentioned to try to reset the printer to defaults which did not work. Then mentioned to try the following: "with the printer off, to gently push back down on the build plate until it reaches bottom. Then re calibrate and test print".

Done 3 small prints since and it seems to be "ok", with the build plate heading back down upon completion.

As mentioned, prints are ok, but it was just acting weird thus had me worried ;)

Thanks for chiming in. May be a bug like you said.

Same firmware here. It's happened to me when I've printed the same file multiple times with it sometimes ending on the part and sometimes resetting properly so I was fairly certain it's a bug and just isn't resetting or perhaps it's flushing que before the reset actually happens.
Pushing the plate down wont do much as it doesn't have a sensor at the bottom and it recalibrates every time you start a print.
There's another minor issue that if you cancel a print and then start another sometimes it will just start printing again immediately even if it's not up to temp yet. Best thing seems to be to hit the physical reset.

It's the job of the slicer to move the bed down
in Simplify3d for example there is "G1 Z170 F3300 ; send Z axis to bottom of machine" in the END SCRIPT

Unless it was just a bad write to the SD card I'm sure the code is there. The issue is the machine not always doing it. It's been a week or so since it last did it to me but I seem to remember a file that I printed multiple times and sometimes the bed retracted and sometimes it didn't. Pretty sure it was the firmware update to support G-code that caused that and a couple of other issues. It hasn't been updated again in 2 yrs or so.

And just this morning I came back to a print with the nozzle still touching the build (and stuck since it had cooled) checked the G-code and sure enough G1 Z140 F3300 is one of the last lines in the file. So it's definitely a firmware issue.

oh!? thanks Fritx11. i'll look that up. good to know! :)