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A few of us built 3D Orchard. The platform has free built-in CAD

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Hey guys, we'd love your feedback on 3D Orchard ( https://3DOrchard.com ). It's kind of like Thingiverse with CAD built in. It's still in Beta, but three of us have spent the last few years (and our own $) building the platform to encourage the world to come together and design in the open. We're makers with engineering backgrounds who understand how empowering it is to have FREE access to these kinds of tools.

The built-in CAD tools are free for both public and private use; and not just free in terms of cost, but also in terms of model access. Anyone can download the models in our own internal format (.BREP, which is the same, I believe, as other programs like FreeCAD, openSCAD, etc). So your models can't be held hostage. The actual CAD tools are browser-based so they are readily available with the models (and on any device). Not to mention, there are no updates, downloads, installs, or licensing headaches. Once the model is loaded into the CAD interface, you can continue modeling, even if you lose a wifi connection. But you will need a connection to be able to save it back to the server.

You can chat directly with us with the green button in the bottom right. Or access the CAD for free (and without signing up) at: https://3DOrchard.com/app/CAD

There are built-in youtube videos in the help (?) button on the site, and written tutorials at: http://learn.3dorchard.com/tutorials

Here's the platform, 3D Orchard: https://3DOrchard.com

I would have to say the biggest thing keeping me away from 3D Orchard would be the fact that I have to pay $7 a month to keep my designs private. I only design for 3-D printing, so someone could easily take my design, make it better, and put it on Thingiverse before I do, assuming I don't pay the $7 a month. That aside, I think the program is really great.

Brodmann, thanks for the feedback. The good news is, we recently made private designs free for everyone. We need to update the landing page.

Give it a try! :-) When you press "Publish," just select "Private" and press save. From there, click your profile (button in the top-left) and press the "Private" tab. You'll see your design there. You can even download the file our own internal format, so your models will never be held hostage.

As you keep building on your private model, it will still trace out the tree, so you can create varieties of the object in one location.

Hit us up with the green button in the bottom-right if you have any more questions. I'm happy to guide you through the platform too!

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I have a question: does 3d orchard has ways of modeling and organizing objects with constraints?

I'm not sure if I fully understand your question. When modeling, you can fully-constrain your 2D sketches. We're working on 3D constraints, so you can create assemblies with objects. In this sense, you'll be able to organize the objects in a scene and constrain them. Let me know if this doesn't answer your question.

Simple and to the point, but not as limiting as tinkercad. i kinda like it.

it needs some work on the interface (not everything needs to be floating buttons, an option to make some tabs or use a bit of screen size for menus would help) and customization (i can't even invert the mouse wheel zoom direction).

i'll keep this one in the bookmarks. can't guarantee i'll spend money on it, though (still looking for a good starting offline option)

Thanks for checking it out, DukeMagus!

Yeah. The platform does include both constraint-based sketching and primitive shapes.

I definitely like the idea of CAD menu customization. I've taken note. Thank you for that feedback!

The whole platform is free (private or public models). The only thing you'd spend money on is if you ordered a 3D print--you'd pay a local printer for the print.

Although you do need to be connected to the server to browse/load the model, once it's loaded in the interface, you can disconnect your wifi and continue modeling offline. But to save it (and send it to the servers), you have to be connected.

Thanks again for checking it out, Duke!
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Oops, sorry! Fixed. :D