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Da Vinci Mini Potential Mods

by Ryan_Taki

I am new to the forums, so apologies if someone has already written a topic about this.
I have the Da Vinci Mini, and I am very frustrated with the limitation to there proprietary filament. Has anyone done any mods to allow the printer to accept 3rd party filament or use an alternate slicing software? (board swap, nozzle change, etc.) Any suggestions/advice would be helpful.
Thank you!

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Extruder temp fluctuating, won't go over 130°C

by clementlu

Horrors!!! Was about to fire up the printer to print some X'mas goodies but found that filament would not load.

Using a temp gun, the extruder does not go over 130°C when trying to load filament or in heating/cleaning mode. Display starts off showing extruder temp at 25°C, then goes all the way up to 230°C on the display although the extruder only gets up to around 130°C (and is unable to melt PLA). The extruder temperature seems to fluctuate going up and down between 80 - 130°C.

I've tried testing the thermistor (values were slightly out according to the temp/resistance table) and replaced it anyway with a new one with no change in results.

If I unplug the thermistor, the display shows 10°C (can anyone try this and confirm this?). When I plug it in, it shows 25°C (room temperature)

At this stage I'm thinking it's the logic board in the extruder module that's fried. I'm thinking that unplugging the thermistor should show an open circuit error or should show "-" as the extruder temperature? Can anyone confirm this?

Specific printer model is a Da Vinci Pro 1.0

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Upgrade da Vinci 1.0 Pro firmware off of XYZ

by jeremiahlandi_LI

Hello all!

I am looking for a "how-to" upgrade of the firmware on the da Vinci 1.0 Pro (https://www.xyzprinting.com/en-US/product/da-vinci-pro). I have been seeing a lot revolving around upgrading the firmware on older models but not the one I have (if it is possible).

I have currently upgraded the nozzle to the E3D v6 All Metal and would like to try and do more with the printer overall. I just posted this remix I did of the upgrade if that helps: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4698222

I have attached a couple of images of my board as well. Thank you in advance! I have been searching everywhere and just can't find the right keyword combination.

da Vinci 1.0 Pro - Direct Drive Carriage Upgrade With E3D Titan Aero and E3D All-Metal v6 HotEnd
da_vainci Da_Vinci_Pro Da_Vinci_Pro_upgrade
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MacOs11 Big Sur

by HenkK

Is there anyone who has already tried XYZ Printing Software with MacOs 11 or Big Sur?

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Da Vinci 2.0 duo not letting me print cart set to PLA

by evan25lee

I've been playing with this printer a bit and doing some testing on the chip reset stuff for the carts. I managed to get the cart to say it was PLA but when I went to go print with PLA XYZWare told me I need to upgrade my extruder. This seemed odd because the printer says it supports PLA on the website. Anyone else experience this? I am setting it to PLA by using "0x50" for the value. I would assume this is correct as its what the sketch file I found on github used. I'm wanting to use PLA because setting the temp to 190 with it set to ABS doesn't work so I'm assuming there is some anti-reset stuff going on in the background preventing it from using that temp as its out of a range or something. Anyone out there have any ideas? Maybe able to share their reset stuff?

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