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My Modified Da Vinci Pro.

by Flyon20s

Been working on this for a couple weeks and near completion, just waiting for the new print bed and leds. For starters i put in a MKS Gen L board and Marlin 1.1.9. Have an XCR 2n1 hotend, bltouch, mechanical end stops x and y, layer cooling fan, and mk8 extruders. Have Marlin setup for controller fan for the board to only be on when steppers are moving, extruder fan only on about 50 degrees, and controllable case light that will also be hooked to the door switch. Waiting for my MKS 2.4in TFT also which should be here soon.

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Problem with Da Vinci jr. 1.0

by erwin_m


My printer is having problems with printing. Each time when I'm trying to print something, it starts and prints till between 3 and 5mm height, before it stops. Then I clean the nozzle, cut the PLA-filament and try again, but it's each time the same problem. Tried to cut the filament in a 45 degree angle as some people mention on this forum. Also tried to increase the diameter of the nipple next to the motor for the filament. There was one member who had the same problems and has solved this bij changing the nipple. When a print has stopped, I can see that the filament is worn at the place of the motor. But for me it isn't obvious if its caused by the nipple, motor, or a nozzle which is clogged.

I have 3 of this printers lined up, two of them are working fine, without the changes to the nipple.

Hope someone have some tips for me.


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In need replacement Da Vinci Pro 1.0 Extruder PCB!

by reverse24


I am currently in working with a Da Vinci Pro 1.0 and looking to do the E3D V6 conversion mod so that I can print some more exotic filaments and put some better cooling solutions in place.

I however cannot take apart the existing extruder - i'll need it functioning in case anything goes belly-up and for 'warranty' reasons.

Does anybody have a spare of the Extruder PCBs lying around that they arent using?
I cannot find any available online, there was one guy but he has been out of stock sine APR 2018...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Ben (Australia)

extruder modifications pcb upgrade XYZ_DaVinci
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Tough PLA on JR?

by kad

Has anyone been able to successfully use the Tough PLA on a JR? I bought a spool and I cannot get it to feed correctly. No matter what I do it stops feeding within the first few layers. The feed mechanism is running and I do NOT have this problem with regular PLA. It's almost as if there is a soft spot in the filament and the feed rollers just grind it away and stop feeding. (Pulling the filament out afterwards confirms that this is what happened)

I've tried:
-both XYZWare and XYZPrint.
-increasing the nozzle temperature, in increments all the way up to the 240C max.
-raising the Z-height adjustment, in increments, until the first layer stopped sticking to the bed.
-decreasing the extrusion ratio to 95%
-different print jobs
-deep cleaning the print head, both with ZYZ's procedure and the filament pull method detailed by others online.
-Firmware and software are at the latest levels.

I did have a similar problem once in the past with spool of White PLA that was several years old and was on the last 10 meters or so of filament. I bought a new spool and that solved the issue but this spool of Tough PLA (Black) is brand new. I've called XYZ and all they could tell me is to increase the temp and Z-height. They don't seem to want to hear the theory that the spool is bad. I have noticed that it is a LOT stiffer than the regular PLA, to the point that where the regular stuff will try and uncoil from the spool if the end is not secured, the Tough doesn't want to come off the spool. I've no idea if this is normal as this is the first spool of it I've used.

I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Any ideas?


da_vinci_jr Tough_PLA
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DaVinci 1.0a not heating bed or extruder

by arpruss

I had just done a 3hr print earlier today, turned off my 1.0a, and some hours later neither the bed nor the extruder heats up. The lights and LCD work. The fuse (I have an actual fuse soldered in instead of the 0 ohm resistor) is fine.

Some troubleshooting:

  • Disconnect print head heater connection and check voltage while heating is turned on: Briefly shows around 12V on multimeter, but within a few seconds goes down to 0V
  • Unplug power supply connections from main board and check voltages: 12V, 5V and 3.3V are all correct (and no fading to 0V like at print head heater connection)

Maybe my power supply is bad?

p.s. I am using Repetier firmware, but that shouldn't be relevant to this problem.

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