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Recent Topics

Customizer not working

by birdbatoune

Hi, is tere a problem with customizer, I have been trying for days and nothing works. thanks

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Customizer now fails when unicode characters in comments

by janssen86

I did some research and bug-hunting and found that apparently, a change was uploaded to Customizer between Apr 11 and May 19. Before this change, Customizer would ignore unicode characters (° ä ö ü etc.) in comments. Now, such characters, even in comments, cause the code to fail.

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I need help (whet else :-) )

by EddyMI3D

I just started to use the Customizer and already ran into two problems:
1) How do I declare boolean variables (true/false). They do work in OpenSCAD but do not appear in the Customizer.
2) How can I give respond form OpenSCAD to the Customizer. In my case, OpenSCAD calculates the inductance of a coil from the given parameters.
It would be nice if this could be seen on the Customizer. Else the whole project is senseless...


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Customizer View Source Feature/Improvement

by Snaxxus

How hard would it be to have customizer execute the edited code on the view widow from the view source button?

It would be useful for minor tweaks on things that are not really exposed as parameters. Maybe put a diff output in the generated description of include the edited .scad file in the generated thing page.

It also might be good to draw in the curious that might not usually think of coding.

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generating svg files for laser cutter

by mond

currently the customizer can only produce stl files for 3d printing. for parametric models
for laser cutting it would be nice if it could also produce svg files. this should be simple to implement

openscad -o testpult.svg pultgeneratorv1.scad

already does this. so all that is needed would be an option to select the file ending of the output file. in this case svg.

an additional nice to have would be the option to manipulate the created .svg file:
change the svg width="233" height="484" to svg width="233mm" height="484mm"
(this way all length are interpreted as millimeters).

and change:

stroke="black" fill="lightgray" stroke-width="0.5

stroke="red" fill="lightgreen" stroke-width="0.01"

(red is usually used for cut in lasser cutting, green should be ignored and the 0.01mm line is interpreted as "hairline").
but maybe this could be made customizable by the user..)

there are already many parametric laser cut designs..

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