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by mwu

Ask questions about your build! Having trouble printing a particular part? Having trouble getting parts to fit? Trouble sourcing non-printed parts? I am here to help

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Filament choice

by LessPaul

I understand that the 3:1 Curta was printing with PLA, I seem to recall some parts were carbon-fiber reinforced PLA. Are there other filament types that should be considered for the various parts?

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SLA Curta

by JetPowered

I stumbled upon this build while looking for complicated mechanisms to test out the capabilities of the FormLabs Form 2 in making precision mechanical components/systems. I think there is little question that a Curta fits that build.

However I note that this build is based around using Fused Filament prints. I'm wondering, for those who are already familiar with the 3d geometry and the development of these cad models, what further consideration should be taken in attempting to print the components using an SLA printer. Should the extra "stock on" of the 3d models be reduced, or eliminated? As I understand it the interfacing components in the models are designed to have interference, with the intent of manually grinding the surfaces to match. I'm wondering if it is practical to reduce this stock on.

Additionally, what would be the bottle neck to scaling the build down? Would a 2:1 assembly be practical? Obviously all the non-printed components such as hardware, bearings, springs, etc would have to be re-assessed and new components sized. I imagine the entire assembly would need to be redesigned as opposed to simply scaling the solids and hitting the go button. My question is, would such a thing be practical? What trial components/fits could one start with to substantiate that the redesign of the assembly to a different scale would not be a wasted effort?

Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you.

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supportless ten drum

by Emacsimize

I guess its now over a year if not even more of my last time I worked on my Curta print but here is an update of my approach of a no support tens drum


just the last row missing and only ~1 mm off the measurments

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Sourcing Hardware

by k_snyd

I am just starting this amazing project and have a few parts printed. However, I am having a little trouble sourcing the springs. Especially the ones linked on eBay because they are out of stock. Have been doing some searching but can't come up with anything. Anybody get their springs elsewhere?

0.4x3x5mm spring x10

0.6x5x20mm spring x1

1.8x28x40mm spring x1

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