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Purchasing the CTC 3D Printer

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Hi! I am new to this group, and I joined because I am looking at purchasing the CTC 3D Printer. I want one of these because I currently have the Creality Ender 3, and I am looking for something with dual extrusion. I have a couple of questions.

(1) Can you print with PVA/other soluble supports with this printer?
(2) Is this a DIY kit? (Everything I have looked at has been vague.)
(3) Where should I purchase this? Everything is AliExpress, which I don't trust.

Thank you in advance!

Ok sorry for bothering you guys with questions, but I have one more. I am looking at getting the printer from this site,
https://www.ctcprinter.com/product_detail.php?ProId=260 Is this the real CTC site? I feel like it might be a scam. Has anyone here bought of this site? I have heard people say, that some printers have a certain number of "Hours" on it, and I am worried that this might be one of those.

As others have said, eBay is where most of us have bought ours. It is very reasonable. Watch the vids on YouTube. I have owned 2 and just sold my second one and the person is not having any problems with it as the same is for me. As long as you set up both extruders correctly, you should not have any problems with worrying about one being in the way of the other. As with anything, yes, you must work at it. They won't maintain themselves. I'm sure that you found that out with your other printer. The only hard part is upgrading the firmware. For some reason, with these machines, it has proven difficult, but if you follow the directions, it works fine.

The system comes 99% assembled, but you do have to put a bit together. I have not tried it with soluble supports, but everything I have heard, you can use them. Hope this helps and hope you have good luck.

Thank you! I actually am used to maintaining printers, in fact, right now I am adding a new fan to my Ender 3.

Hello, welcome

(1) yes it is possible to print HIPS, PVA and other soluble supports with the CTC Bizer (replicator clone)
(2) there are only the extrusion heads to be mounted (2 screws)
(3) try on eBay

Thank you in advance!

Thank you! This helps a lot! Just one more question... do you like this printer? Were there any problems that you had? Thank you!

Mine came from Ebay. Most all of the CTC Dual's are the same, black plywood frame and almost fully assembled. Mine did not come with the PTFE tubes that feed to the direct drive extruders, but that is a very poor system that doesn't work well anyhow. Much easier to build a rod above the printer to feed the filament from and you get far less failed prints from filament that decides to not feed well.

I'd highly recommend against dual extrusion, but if you have a good reason to want it the CTC is a fairly cheap printer that will do it.

If your curious why I don't recommend it, it's because the second extruder is always in the way. Anytime you have a slight "raised imperfection" that you WILL get while printing the second extruder hits while the plastic is semi solid which can and does either break a print off the bed, or drags ugly strings all over. Most just raise one of the extruders until it's needed, but it is a royal pain to get both back at level so that it can be used.

I agree dual extrusion does work, but as a rule my second extruder is lifted out of the way. It doesn't take too long level again if required. Nothing is that quick with 3d printing.

Another thing is, I want to upgrade this printer with printed pieces and an enclosure.

https://www.thingiverse.com/make:240056. To add fan control you may need to add missing FET and wire fan to it.
This is a great mod that will give superior prints and bridging.
I have also added a glass bed with PEI sheet. No more tape for me :-) .

Great printer, mine as always printed well and certainly compares to more expensive printers. Set up properly and when ready switch to sailfish firmware.

Good luck

Active Cooling Fan Duct v2 for Replicator 1 / Duplicator 4 / FlashForge / CTC
by Hadgee

Ok, thank a lot! That helps.

I bought an enclosure kit for mine. It was laser cut from a clear acylic sheet that was also bent into a giant rectangular lid for the top of the printer with two "arms" that hold a dowel rod to put the filament on suspending it over the printer. It is no longer sold, but it was this model https://www.ebay.ie/itm/172106118685 . I do notice that a similar type is sold by someone named tabsynth.

Kind of like Hadgee, mine also has a glass bed upgrade. I printed 4 HIPS (oddly, HIPS is very usable for objects and not just for a disolvable support) glass extensions that screw onto the aluminum bed to allow cheap $1 glass picture frame glass to be used as a printing surface. I hold mine down with painters tape instead of the little spring clamps so that I don't have to worry about the nozzles hitting it. When I'm done with a print, I pull the painters tape off the glass where it is on the printed glass extensions and remove the glass plate. I put another glass plate on and print the next item.

Every so often I go a bit overboard removing the print from the glass (gluestick helps for this) and break it... but it is very cheap, so no big loss.

I use my CTC just for printing ABS and HIPS, I currently use a different printer for PLA. But I have run all 3 through it in the past and it printed fine.

Thank you a lot! I really want an enclosure, but everything is way overpriced. The only ones I have seen are on eBay and have ended.
I am thinking of just making my own out of plexiglass.