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Tempture failing yet nothing to do with coupler

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Probably nothing too important or anything and easy to fix but I've had no luck so far..
I have two heads. the other day, after one thermocouple started to go, I replaced it with another. coupler. no problem but during it, the head arrangement slightly.. slipped and fell ontop the bed. shouldn't be much that can really be damaged but y'know what it's like ^_^ (probably)..

anyway.. then the right (Head 2) which isn't used too much, started to report problems.. the board claims, when I turn it on, that the tempture is falling and to check the wires. So I decided that it was just a case that it must have knocked the coupler and damaged it a bit. so I redid the crimp on the end and checked the connection both that end and to the board. all looked fine. Printer still claims falling problem and the senor reads NA then NC (not connected?).. so that's a bit odd.. so I decided to just replace it with a new spare coupler. I got a few. No change. seams the next move is to check it out with a mutlimeter. The Fan to that nozzle also turns on for some reason, not quite sure why it's trying to give the fan power..

I did a check by swaping the two couplers over and both work fine. so the next guess is it's to do with the 4 (I believe) connectors to the stepper (doubt it) OR it's the heat cartridge.. but then.. why would it NOT be able to detect at least room temp?

And now, as I was going to post this, another issue turned up.. I was printing something and let it and went to another room. It must have been a bit longer then I thought (sadly, between 30 mins to an hour) till I checked up on the print, expecting no problems, when it claimed a SD card reading failure and just after printing most of the raft, it was not moving.. but making interesting noises. turned it off and now.. oh deer.. the Left-Right and Back-forward movement of the head can't be done by the printer. it just makes noise. Moving it by hand is a little hard and feels very rough. the build platform DOES move up (and I can move it down without much problem) but a new added … whine I think.. So I think the three stepper motors might have been fried ¬_¬ sigh.. I don't have any spare motors right now so i'll have to order some..

I think 34mm 3v dc should be right.. I gotta check and see ¬_¬ sigh.. i'll see if I can do any repair jobs on the current one though.. maybe give it a bit of time to rest and a bit of a clean before I order them.. about £8 each and I think only 3 I should need.. have to recount that too.. sigh..

now this is a bit confusing to me.. but might be normal (though I can't find too much information i'm looking for..
I believe the Mightyboard I have is a TMC2100 or a TMC2560 (which seam.. to be the same Mightyboard G?) anyway.. Looking at and re-seating the Stepper Drivers, and I noticed what I think is the driver for the Left (tool 1) stepper driver has 2 cables attached which go to a little secondary board, but the right one (Tool 0) doesn't have this. Brings up an interesting question of why would it have a connection on that one only.. might have always been like that but i'm interested in WHY..

meanwhile, the Stepper motor problem, I seam to have maybe got one (X) working by reseating and checking connections again, the other (Y) seams to just be having a power issue as with some 'help' it does and can pull the head.. so either a loose power connection OR it really dried up in very little time? odd that.. the Z stepper seams to be fine now though.

Well, the good news is I've been able to confirm it's the stepper driver that has been damaged. or more, it's both the left and the right ones. I've not sure how, the chips don't give anysign of damage or burning.. I'll run a couple of tests on them but I really hate working with surface mount parts. they are way too small for my hands to deal with, though they do make parts much smaller and easier to mass producer, so cheaper.

So i'll have to order some more. doesn't help the heating problem though.. I can't read the Stepperdriver Chip number so I need to double check which is the correct driver.

Okay.. still waiting for my new stepper controllers which should be by the end of the week, but my working coupler side (the one that doesn't just give a 'NA/NC' warning all the time, is now reading 0.. I wondered if it was the coupler gone bad.. nope.. I wondered if I wired it wrong (which should make the numbers count backwards).. nope.. so something seams to be up with the board on the side of the couplers.. I hate some of the cleaning methods to sort out electrics but I might have to give that part of the board a damn good look and clean..

Process! I got my new stepper drivers, I just need to stick on the heatsinks and install them, but looking really close at the board, I noticed one of the chips (a Maxx 6675, which is a Cold-junction compensation and digitizer for thermocouplers) has clearly blown. It's got a huge bump in it.. while it's blown? don't know. I think it might have something to do with the slight electrical feedback which you get if you move the platform by hand (if you notice the screen light up when a motor is moved, that's it) which can lead to feedback which damages stuff. I think this has probably happened (i'm trying to remember how to add something to deal with that feedback but I can't remember right now.. need to ask around)..

anyway. on my board, which is a ATMega 2560, it's a MAX6675 ISA 649. I have an old board which went (though annoying, one of the problems was with the temperatures) which have 6675 609 or 809.. hard to read.. Annoying and i'm gonna be an idiot, but I'm not sure what that bit means but.. I think they are pretty much interchangeable. So it's a little small for me, but I can swap the chip on the board.

Still doesn't explain the main one though.. unless its also blown but not in as strong or noticeable way.. I would pose a photo but I'm useless at such things.. more so this small.

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