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Ender-5 Plus Z-home creep

by pattonmw

I can level and print just fine, Doing manual leveling with the nozzle and bed at printing temp (I've seen others say that isn't necessary but for me when the bed is hot and the nozzle is hot they are closer together). My issue is when I go to do the next print the bed it too high so I have to relevel.... every.. single.. print...

After a while I have to drop the bed, loosen the spring screws, and reset the z-home from cranking the knobs a single bit every print.

I have the BL-touch from the factory, at fist that wasn't working (wouldn't drop the pointer) but after it loosened up it seemed to have started working, do some of those have consistency issues?

Open to any suggestions,

Oh, I don't have a glass bed yet, yes I am getting one, but the new bed isn't warped enough I'm having issues with it, its just a case of everything creeping up after every print.

Thanks for any / all ideas..

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BL touch issue?

by steveiforgot

So my ender 5 pro was out of commission for a short bit while I upgraded a new fan shroud/duct. I am getting it up and running I got the bed manually levelled and it seems to be auto levelling closer to the bed on the right hand size, and not at close to the bed on the left, which doesn't make a while lot of sense with it being a touch sensor and all

  1. before I forget, anyone have a tip/trick when it comes to setting up the BL touch mount when it's adjustable? I was having a hell of a time with that, and would love being able to avoid that issue when next I change out the nozzle or something
  2. any idea why it's not auto-leveling evenly?

thanks all, your always a ton of help

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My New Ender 5 Pro experiences .... so far

by leopesce

Hello all, new to the group, and to 3D printing as well.

I work for a client that is building a VERY large O scale railroad layout. Recently he bought a Prusa MK3S, of which I had to learn everything about it. I assembled it, configured it, tested it, and it worked from my second print. Yes, I am new also to the software, CAD and slicer, g-code, etc.

I had been thinking for a while to get my own printer, and from the research I had done, my second choice was the Ender 5 Pro. Since my budget could not allow to get a Prusa, I went for the second best, the Ender 5 Pro.

I received it last week, but I was away, and could not get to it until a few days ago.

Problem 1

Right at the beginning, two of the 2040 pillars would not bolt tight to the lower frame. On inspection, I found 1 or both holes were not tapped deep enough. I contacted Creality support right away, and got a reply the next day. But, it was cryptic at best, and did not answer or point to a possible solution. Fortunately, I remembered that a long time ago I had bought a large set of taps, which included metric. I used the M5-08 tap, and tapped all 8 holes. Most went well, some needed some force (and lubrication). The problem was solved.

I did not have any issues during the assembly. On power up, the display came on, and I was able to go through the various menues, moving the X,Y and Z, heating the plate, and nozzle. I then had a choice of PLA, a Prusament, a Creality PLA, and the PLA sample that came with the kit. I used the Prusament first, as I was more familiar with it.

I tried to level the plate, following both the manual, and a few videos I found. The first two prints were not successful, with the CAT, and the DOG, dislodging from the plate. After another leveling, I finally found that in the center, the nozzle was too far away. So instead of using the tape method to rise up the center, I just leveled the nozzle there, since my prints, for now, are always in the center.

After that, I was able to print my first successful print.

Problem 2 and 3

But I started noticing a worrying clicking. Found out it was coming from the extruder. I could actually see the motor skipping. After some more research, I started looking at the spring pushing the roller onto the filament, and also at the Bowden blue tube. The tube was fastened to the black cable going to the heating head/nozzle assembly, and the ties seemed to be too tight. I snipped them off, and freed the tube. I also noticed that the tube was bent a bit just before the nozzle assembly, due to how it was packaged. The second modification was to remove the heavy spring from the extruder, and remove the spacer inserted in it. Now the spring is not as heavy on the roller as before. These two modifications eliminated the clicking completely.

After using the Prusament filament, I switched to the Creality PLA. I already knew that most likely I was not going to get good prints from this. I had already tried it on the Prusa MK3S, but it had the tendency to break. The filament fells too stiff, or too dry. not sure how to describe it, bit feels too brittle, or fragile. Could be I got an old stock (I understand that filaments do have a shelf life), but I am not sure I can return it. Besides I paid only $15 for 1Kg spool.

I then switched to the white PLA that came with the kit, and I have had all successful prints so far.

I was worried I made a mistake in getting this printer. But after some initial problems, easily resolved, I can say I am satisfied, for now.

Another funny story, which shows my less that acute observation skill. I watched a video about the Ender 5 Plus. That is the printer I wanted to get. When I finally made the decision to buy it, I did a Google search, and selected the first offering, which was Creality3dshop. Thinking it was the company site, I bought it. But wait. Somehow my brain flipped, and the Plus became the Pro. And that is what I ordered. I had not seen the price for the Plus, so i thought I was getting the larger printer. Keep this in mind. A UPS tracking number came almost right away, but no activity happened in the following days. I stated to get concerned, and my wife got involved in checking this purchase. While she was checking the printer itself, she mentioned the printing volume, and I thought, ah ... no .... should be bigger. That is when I realized the error I made. But I would not have been able to get the Plus, at the bigger price. Still no activity after 7 days on the UPS tracking number. 8 day and I get a text from my wife the UPS number was active. I received the printer on the 9th day. I was relieved and with a happy face. Still, had to wait a few days before I could get to it.

If you are still reading, thank you for your patience, for my rambling on. Right now I am watching a 40K Warhammer pipe bridge been created right in front of me.

Leo P

bowden ender 5 pro extruder
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bed leveling ender 5 plus

by olson339

I have spent a lot of time trying to level and print on my new ender 5 plus. I have other enders and bed leveling is not an issue with them so I think I understand how to level a bed. Problem with this one is when I get the 4 corners level then the print head is to close to the bed in the center. I adust the z axis and it throws off the corners. Main problem is the filament wont stick to the plate

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Build Plate Stops Heating

by Timboslice1227

Thanks in advance for giving any advice!

I just got my Ender 5 Plus last week, and have really enjoyed it so far. I am having an issue with the build plate temperature turning off a few hours into larger prints, and it is not after just the first layer. I have tried using the ChangeAtZ, for resetting the temp at a certain layer or height, still happens. If I catch it when it drops, I can manually set the bed temp on the printer and it will keep for the remainder of the print.

Printer is all stock. Using Cura 4.6. I have modified some settings, but I can't find where to make sure the temperature stays. Attached are my Cura settings, and the last Gcode that still had the issue.

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