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I got a little problem with my Z axis

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I just got and assembled my Creality Ender 4 printer and almost everthing went okay.
But when I try to Home All the Z axis misses the last 5-6 cm. It never hits the end stop.

Does anybody know how t fix this?

Not related but I just built my ender 4 and I get no display when I powered it up. Checked all the wiring and exp1 and exp2 are correct. Is there something special I have to do to get the display working and running marlin? I notice that the blue 24v led is on but both the 5v and 3.3v leds are off. Just trying to check with someone that has one working since the instructions are crap and there is no support and I get no response from the place I bought it.

As soon as I attached the bed level sensor it worked.

Can you move it freely when the motors are off? Maybe you need to adjust the z rods?

Hi this motion is typical for unconnected Endstop. The switch shall open on touch and close at movement in buildplace. because the endstop pin on the controllter is pulled up and the switch connect to ground, a not connected switch let the pin open on High and the Firmeware detect this and stops all motin and the homing process.
possible resons:

  • not or wrong connencted wire
  • switch in correct wired so it close on touch (you may check this by closing the switch manualy and switch the printer suddenly of if it reaches the endstop)
  • broken wire.
  • switch defect.
  • firmware not correct confirured ( missing pullup or inverted logic )

mesure logical high between switch pins if it is pushed.
mesure logical low between switch pins if it is NOT pushed.

if this is given, the FW is incorrect configured.
if it is reverse, the wrong pins on the switch are used change them till it is as described.
else the connection is incorrect or open. Check the wire and connection.

I'm betting your end switches are wired wrong. Looks the same as this: https://youtu.be/1MWvcbWWv2k

Yes I can move it when the motors are off. I can move it to the top (end-stop)