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My extruder is running backwards!

by tk9805

Okay, so I have climbed a major mountain and gotten all the kinks worked out in my Ender 4 and everything is working great......until.......I tried to print a small job tonight and my extruder is pulling the filament BACKWARDS and away from the nozzle! What the heck?! Anyone know what is going on and could advise me what to do?

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I got a little problem with my Z axis

by TrisectDevelopment

I just got and assembled my Creality Ender 4 printer and almost everthing went okay.
But when I try to Home All the Z axis misses the last 5-6 cm. It never hits the end stop.

Does anybody know how t fix this?

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Laser Engraving

by 3DMAKER64

I have the Ender-4 with laser engraving kit and was wondering how the process for that works. Every time I try to engrave something the whole engraving area is filled. No details or anything. The whole area is engraved. How do I fix this problem?

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Stepper Motor for Z axis.

by jherlab

I'm thinking about add an extra Z stepper Motor in the Ender 4. Does anyone know what is the exact model of the stepper motor?

I'm not sure if the motor is like this:
The metal part is different.

Thank you very much.

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Replacement stepper driver?

by ronpandolfi

One of my stepper drivers for the Ender-4 is clearly dead (doesn't step, very quickly gets very hot, screen reports max temp error, confirmed by swapping to other slots). I'm not sure what is a good replacement.

Has anyone tried substituting the TMC2130 drivers? Advice on a replacement?

Also, after removing the faulty driver I still see the MAX TEMP error; could there be additional failure, or is that expected from removing one of the driver boards?

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New Creality Ender-4 No display on power up?

by ctbram

I just built a new creality ender-4. When I power it up for the first time the lcd display does not come on at all. It is just black. I verified all my connections. power and gnd are correct. The mobo fan and psu fans start up when the switch is turned on. I see a bright blue led on the mobo for 24v. However, the 5v and 3.3v leds are not lit.

Do I have a bad motherboard or am I missing something that I need to do to get the marlin software running and the display to come up.

The assembly instructions are really terrible! As it is now I have bought a $308 door stop!

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Printing via USB

by jherlab

Hi, I installed in a Raspberry Pi 2B Octoprint and the sound when the motors are moving is different from the sound of the motors movements via LCD menu. Octoprint and my big computer produce the same different sound. I printed some pieces using Octoprint and Cura 3.1.1 and the print process is slower than the same piece from SD card. I read some websites and I think the baudrate(115200) is lower to print with the same quality as SD card. I don't know if someone has Octoprint running with Ender4.

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Different firmwares for Ender 4's PCBs ???

by VisiTor

Good afternoon,

I just joined the group, and yes, I need some help with a technical question, regarding my Creality 3D Ender-4.

Recently I bought an Ender 4 with the autolevel sensor (so called package 3). A few days later the printer arrived and it was only the standard printer (package 4): No proximity sensor and no screw holes in the nozzle assembly (where the autolevel sensor is supposed to be fixed). Instead, a common microswitch is limiting the Z axis ... :(

After long discussions with the vendor, he is offering to send me the sensor … and here comes my question:

How many different firmwares are available for the ender 4 board (depending on the packages)?

I assume that the Printed Circuit Boards are the same (for any of the 4 packages), but what about the firmware? Is the firmware the same or is there differences according to the Packages (standard, +laser, +autolevel and +filament monitor)? In other words: is firmware of package 3 different from the one driving the standard printer?
If so, and let’s say the standard board has no prefixed multipoint grid (4 or 9 point) where the autolevel-function is supposed to take measures, then it really would make no sense to upgrade the standard board with the sensor ...

Regarding this, I tried to get some feedback asking both vendor and Creality.
Up to now, there was no reply …

Any hint you could support me with?

Thanks in advance.


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ENDER 4 Firmware mods and fix

by NGR923

In this topic all of you can share fix and mods made on the firmware of ender 4.

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