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VREF for steppers

by TarantulaTevo

sometimes, my z axis stops or looses steps and it prints every next layer at the same height. I wanted to check the Vref for the steppers, as sometimes they are set too low.
On my CR 10S Pro they are:

x 1.4V
y 1.4V
z 1.68V

Are these normal values? Should i highter the z stepper Vref, so it wount loose steps?

Anyone got some ideas?

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CR10SPRO and Bondtech DDX

by Qckslvr

About a month ago I was doing some PETG prints. It took 2 days to print an item, and I noticed the Capricorn bowden tube would start to wear and then the filament would jam. Like epic jam. So every two items printed I would have to install a new bowden tube. Then I found the Bondtech DDX and installed it. I have been printing for about 2 weeks with it now and really love this drive. No more jams. I am still using the OEM hot end, but I replaced the bed sensor the first week I had the printer. I am using an inductive bed sensor now, which gives me no issues. So since I have installed the Bondtech I though I would share my layer change code. I have run a few tests, and full print with this code, and it works flawless. A side note I am running TM's firmware which I installed at the same time I did the DDX.

Here's the code

G21 ; Let the printer know you are following this point with metric values
G90 ; Let the printer know you are using absolute positioning
G91 ; Put in relative mode
G1 Z10 ; Lower bed by 10mm
G90 ; Put back in absolute mode
G1 X10 Y10 ; Zero (home) the X & Y
M109 S215.000 ; Heat hotend to 215C for PLA 'S245.000' for ABS
G1 E20 F100 ; Extrude a short distance before unloading to avoid blob forming
G1 E-90 F100 ; Retract 90 mm of filament at 100 mm/minute speed, change 90 to the lenght of your bowdentube + 100 mm.
M0 Click To Restart ; Pause and wait for the user
G91 ; Put in relative mode
G90 ; Put back in absolute mode
M109 S215.000 ; Heat hotend to 215C for PLA 'S245.000' for ABS
G1 E90 F100 ; Feed 90 mm of filament at 100 mm/minute speed, change 90 to the lenght of your bowdentube.
M0 Click To Restart ; Pause and wait for the user
G92 E0 ; Reset the position of the extruder
G1 Z-10 ; Raise the bed back up 10mm

the retraction speed is slowed down. I found that if you retract to fast the PLA is still warm enough that the DDX gears "flaten" it out and it gets stuck in the bowden tube. Which was a huge pain to remove. By slowing down the retraction speed the PLA cools off and slides right out without fuss.

If there is anything I can do to make this code better please let me know! As of right now, I just open the gcode in notepad and insert the command at the layer I want to change my filament. I would love to be able to just insert this code into S3D or Cura and let it be simple. But I have had some EPIC fails when I attempt that.

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Many Issues with CR10S PRO

by zgwalters

I bought a Cr10S Pro 4 months ago. It assembled easily and printed fairly well right away. Having printed over 20 prints with few issues the past 4 months I have begun having a host of issues.

  1. X gantry has moved out of level position- 5 tutorials and 6 hours later this is fixed. 2. Bed leveling problems- back left corner too high- fixed with x gantry leveling and extruder head adjustments. 3. Bed has to be manually leveled before every print. 4. Bowden extruder constantly oozing no matter what the temp is set to. 5. Terrible stringing irregardless of Cura settings- filament is brand new! 6. SD card reader has stopped reading files- names are kept under 10 characters and card is formatted to Fat 32.
    I expected to have to tinker with this printer but this is a bit ridiculous. I am very disappointed in this printer as it has not lived up to any of the reviews. (I have a cheap $300 printer that I'm getting better performance and prints out of.) Still I don't want to give on it! I would greatly appreciate any advice o issues 3-6.


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Files not showing up from SD card

by Pyro_Boy

Now I know what you're thinking, but hear me out.

I got my new 10s Pro unboxed today and set up and everything went smoothly until it came time to print out the test file from the SD card that was included. Now I had done my research beforehand so I knew that it would need to be in the root of the card and I made sure it was before I put it in but when I pressed the Print button nothing showed up. I also knew that it could be a file name issue, so I changed the default test-dog.gcode file to just be test.gcode. But still a blank list in the printer menu.
Not a big deal. I knew I might have to update firmware so I did that. Got the new 1.70.1 for both the motherboard and the screen and got them uploaded to the printer. Powered up. put in the SD card, Nothing
Tried again with the TinyMachines B7 firmware. Same issue. Nothing shows up. In frustration I started mashing my finger against the screen and wouldn't you know it I was able to select an invisible file and have the file name show up on the right hand side. (see attached photos for clarification) I tested it and it printed with no issues.

But I was wondering if anybody has any ideas what's going on? At this point I've tested with official firmware 1.60.3 1.70.1 and the tiny machines firmware B6 and B7 and all of them do the same thing.

I'm planning on setting up Octoprint for this printer just like my PrintrBot so it's not the end of the world if the files on my SD card are hard to navigate through, but it would be nice to know what's going on and have SD print as a backup in case something goes wrong.

Creality_CR-10 Problem sd_card
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Mound for Bondtech Mosquito BLTOUCH

by MartinNYHC

Hi All,

since I'm not (yet) too familiar with designing own things, i'm desperately looing for a complete mount that supports the Bondtech extruder, Mosquito Magnum hotend, BLTOUCH and part cooling fan for my CR-10S Pro V2. Already tried some available models but could not find one which supports all my requirements.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thahks, Martin

BLTouch bondtech cr-10s pro creality mosquito
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