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Geeetech filament, Cura settings

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Update: raising the temperature to 220c seems to have sorted my issue with Geeetech. Much appreciation for all the great advice and will certainly use calibration towers and cubes in the future.

I've been spoiled using REAL filament, it prints well for me using Cura's Draft PLA defaults. Lately I got some Geeetech (red and black PLA) and it's not printing nice at all. I'm using the same gcode files as I did for the REAL. I've attached pictures but I don't think it shows how bad the actual print is. It feels like it's spongy. It's all lines, is brittle and breaks/cracks along the lines with just a teensy bit of finger pressure.

I'm waiting for the printer to finish a print before I attempt to get this Geeetech printing nice. I'm not really sure where to start, it's so long since I played with settings... Any suggestions for Cura setting are welcome.

This looks like a feeding issue. Make sure your bowden tube is cut straight and there is no melted filament in your hot end where the tube inserts and seats.

Thanks jlow ... I wondered about that too, I thought that's what it looked like. But now I've been using the Geeetech at the higher temperature (220c/60) it seems to be working well for me. I'll keep an eye when I next change filament.

Just wondering why you changed if real was working so good?

Where I usually get the REAL ran out of stock, for ages all they had was orange or brown. But I needed some red and couldn't find REAL anywhere else so got the Geeetech. Got the black as well because of combined shipping.

Luckily the REAL is back in stock, I've ordered some and I will get my delivery on Monday. Until then I'll probably continue making calibration things, experiments with the Geeetech until it's gone. Probably I should find out if there's a filament that compares to REAL... that's an idea.

I might have to try REAL. I've tried many brands , some I like and some I don't. Found that many companies are not consistant with their different filaments , ie. pla,abs,tpu, etc.
I use mostly ABS now because it , for me, prints better, stronger and easier to clean up and finish. I use a insulated box for larger wider prints and smaller prints no box. Glass bed. hair spray, 250 and 70 degrees temp. Acetone vapor for some finishes.

When I got the printer first I was going to try so many things. But seems I've settled into playing with PLA. I really should try out different filaments, get out of this rut :)

The green REAL PLA didn't print nice right out of the box, but it's the only colour I used that I had to tweak a bit. I don't remember what I did but nothing major. I hope this batch I've just ordered from is the same as I got previously.

I run my geeetech at 225 65 bed with fan 100 no problems what so ever.

I just tried an XYZ cube with your settings 225/65 and I am very impressed with the result.
I think I need to check and see if I put in the temperature layers correctly, judging by this perhaps I did it upside down (feeling pretty thick about now)

That's interesting. Going by my calibration tower I still get a lot of stringing at 225. But when I was thinking about heat settings, before the tower, I was going to turn up the heat... I might just do a trial, see how 225 65 works on a print for me. I'm expecting my usual brand back so can experiment a bit with the Geeetech.... maybe I'll even get to like it

Good to here I'm actually printing in that very filament as we speak printing parts for an incoming kossel linear plus so when I saw your problem
I was like well mines doing great. But glad to hear yours is better. It seems that the lower grade PLA just takes more heat for some reason. I usually end up saying the cheaper the filament the higher the heat.

P.S. when the filaments like 50 dollar proto pasta you have to be careful touching it , will melt in your hands taking it out of the box........ J/king

"the cheaper the filament the higher the heat"
I must remember that - but I don't think I'll be testing your theory on the 50 dollar proto pasta LOL

I'm a lot happier with my Geeetech now so thanks. The print has strength that it didn't before, nice corners too. I do have some stringing, minimal though. I might go to 220 and see how it behaves but at least I know 225 will get me through the rolls

Start with calibrating the temperature...


Temperature Stringing calibration blocks

Tower printed. The 200c doesn't look as bad on the tower as it did when I printed with it, which surprises me. Should I try something at 180c and see how it goes or is there a further calibration that would be useful to do?

180 certainly looks a lot better than 200. However it still look saggy on the corners. Could be worth dropping to 175/170. I am basing that on the assumption that the temp probe is off a bit.

But yes. Try printing a Calibration cube at 180 and if you agree with the above line of thought try printing some at lower temp in 5degree increments

I already set a print going at 180c, the same one that was so very bad at 200c, and can already tell it's much better. But what you suggest makes sense. I'll adjust the temps in my tower and see how they go. Thanks for the assist - I appreciate it :)

Update: this print that I thought was at 180c wasn't. The tower settings got saved with the file so as it progressed the temp changed... started good but ended up not so good. Just glad I figured what happened, how dumb!

Spent the morning wondering if I should try heat up or heat down to start... this is brilliant, thanks. I've become so spoiled I'd not have thought of it doh