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Loose Hotend

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The hotend on my CR-10 is loose, the screws are the whole way screwed in, does anyone have any idea what is happening? Thanks for your help in advance!

UPDATE: The hole for the screw on the carriage is stripped out, I will either have to retap that hole or order an entirely new carriage.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for their amazing help, I have ordered a new hotend carriage and it is on its way!

I have ordered a new carriage from tinymachines, only cost me 5 bucks.

Like Xeddog asked: WHICH hole.....left or right on the heatsink. or upper right / lower left on carriage. I see several people trying to ask u things here but nobody gets an answer :p

The left hole where the hotend attaches, sorry for not responding, I honestly forgot about this thread.

The left hole where the hotend is attached.

It would be better to get a new carriage. You can tap those holes for larger screws, but you will probably also have to drill out the holes in the heat sink too.

Thanks! I do not own taps anyways and they would probably be more expensive to buy than to just buy a new x carriage part.

tap new threads. If there is one thing ive come to learn about the CR-10 is that it is incredibly versatile and will adapt to almost any mod you put it through. tap new thread if its already stripped out before you start buying new OEM parts. i dont know how much there is for one though

I do not have taps, I have ordered a new carriage. Yes, I completely agree that the CR-10 is an incredibly versatile machine, I have put this thing through a lot of mods.

Need some pics, to better diagnose.

I am not able to add a video, just pictures and I am not sure how much help they will be.

Edit: Thingiverse will also not let me add pictures.

You should be able to add pictures using the "+ Add file" button.

It seems like it glitched out and would not let me upload, I figured out the problem though, sorry for your trouble!

The carriage wheels? The bottom/center wheel has an eccentric nut. Tighten that one and you will find a spot in the rotation where everything is tight again ;)

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, I have to order a new carriage, the left hole where the hotend attaches were stripped out.

I'd probably do the same thing. You could tap it out and use a larger screw, but that might be too big for the heat break. The carriages are cheap enough so that this will be a minor cost overall.