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CR-10 Trials and Tribulations

by TheGuyWithARock

This is just a quick venting of the issues I have had with my CR-10, so here it goes.

Starting off I run an Anet A8 and a CR10 in a printing cabinet which for the first month or so worked wonders, I could do two prints at once and had no issues whatsoever. I fully expected the CR10 to be my reliable printer and the Anet to be the testing printer that I would have to fix and tune a lot but that hasn't been the case at all.

My first issue was around the 10-20th layer the print would start shifting and under extruding horribly and made it impossible to make anything other than a basic cube, so I started at the spool to see if there was too much/too little tension in the line or if the feeder wasn't tensioned properly. So as a fix I used a 3d printed adjustable tensioner, no luck.

I moved up the line to the extruder and just decided to replace it, still no luck so I replaced the fan with a Noctua fan and my dumbass shorted the fan wires and fried the board.

At this point I was regretting my purchase and debating selling it broken, but where is the fun in that?! I swallowed my pride and just replaced the board, except I found tons of mixing documentation with some saying it was 12v and some saying 24v. Which I tried to sift through but to no avail. Putting everything on the line I ordered a replacement board and a installed it. And HURRAY IT PRINTS... well sorta.

Now I was having issues with the bed "Skipping" and causing a different type of shifting now. UGGGG.

This one turned out to be an easy fix, turns out the vibrations of the printer on the cupboard was causing some issues so just putting foam under the printer solved the issue.

NOW the only thing left to do (Knock on wood) is to somehow mount the control box to the cupboard as the wires are way too short currently, in the attached picture it's in the bottom left if anyone has ideas on how to do it, and maybe get some self-leveling.

Now I am super happy with my CR-10 and have a 90hr print running as of writing this and its whisper quiet and very detailed!!
This isn't to say the CR-10 is bad or you shouldn't get it, but these are just my personal experiences with it.

TLDR: CR-10 had a ton of issues some caused by me, some not. And my Anet-A8 had 0! But eventually fixed everything and was happy!

Anet_A8 CR-10
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