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CR10 S4 Bed Temp

by celticht32

Ok I have read that there is an issue with getting the bed hot enough fast... but I have another issue...
I can get the bed to 65 with no problem but if I try to go above 65 it faults out.
I have upgraded the firmware to TH3d ...
I would like to print abs on this printer.... but not sure that at 65 its warm enough ....
so any idea why it faults?

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Type of Material?

by Newtron

So I've purchased a few models like this for my son. I'm trying to figure out what type of material they're made of. It seems to be a soft plastic, with rubbery type qualities. It bends, but I'm sure it could be damaged if bent too far. Does anyone know what material this could be?


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Ham Radio Mount

by volvodr66

I come to the thingiverse gods for help. I am trying to mount my Ham Radio in my car and the bracket I make keeps breaking at the mating points. The radio head mounts between the gear shift and the dash where the ashtray used to be (I took the ashtray out). At the present, I made the bracket in two parts. The bottom mounts with two screws to the lower section of the center console. The top section mounts to the ham radio with three smaller screws. Then the two brackets mount to each other with a GoPro style mount held together with a GoPro mounting bolt. This allows me to mount both brackets, one to the console, one to the radio, then place the radio into position, adjust the angle, (it has to be angled very slightly forward approximately 5 degrees, then install and tighten the GoPro mounting screw to secure it. This set-up has worked well and the mount has been fairly sturdy but the issue is that the mating surface and GoPro hinge part is subject to failure and will break over time. I redesigned the mount basically increasing the width of the GoPro hinge fingers slightly but they are still not very reliable. What I need is a different style mount. The issue is that I don’t know the exact angle needed for the radio and even if I did, how am I going to mount the mount and still be able to get to the underside of the radio to mount it if I design it as one piece?

Does anyone have any ideas for a mounting solution, new bracket idea I could use? I designed the current mount in Fusion 360 and can probably design just about anything I need to, I just need to come up with an idea for something that will work. I’ll try to attach a picture of the mount in Fusion 360 and a picture of the console and radio if I can.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can come up with.

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Start Gcode M92 command & retraction issue

by SimonD09

Firstly in case anyone can spot a conflict, here's my startup gcode in Cura 4.0 using BL Touch:

G21 ; (metric values)
G90 ; (absolute positioning)
M82 ; (set extruder to absolute mode)
M203 E80 ; (set extruder max to 80)
G28 ; (home all axis)
G29 ; (Auto Level)
G92 E0 ; (reset extruder)
G1 Z1.0 F3000 ; (move z up little to prevent scratching of surface)
G1 X0.1 Y20 Z0.2 F5000.0 ; (move to start-line position)
G1 X0.1 Y200.0 Z0.2 F1500.0 E15 ; (draw 1st line)
G1 X0.4 Y200.0 Z0.2 F5000.0 ; (move to side a little)
G1 X0.4 Y20 Z0.2 F1500.0 E30 ; (draw 2nd line)
; G1 E27 F1000 ; (retract filament 1mm)
G92 E0 ; (reset extruder)
G1 Z1.0 F3000 ; (move z up little to prevent scratching of surface) M117 Printing...
M92 E87.92

My main issue is the M92 command, after measuring I was over extruding 7mm so change the gcode and it did improve my print, my next issue was stringing so onto my retraction settings, I used:
reducing it to 20mm high for a faster print.

The main body came out pretty good but produced lumps at the edge of the posts where it started retracting (no strings as such).
I started with extrusion settings:
6mm at 60mm/s same results.

Changed to 6mm at 25mms which I spotted on a Makers Muse video, this made zero difference, the towers were identical.

Trying to see what was going on I pushed the envelope and changed my M92 command to 85 - guess what, identical results, then tried 90 and the same results - I am baffled.

Any tips appreciated, feel free to make me suck eggs as I feel like I've done something silly!

Basic Stringing Test
by Loohney
extrusion gcode
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CR-10 Extruder replacement?

by chaseb413

I am wondering if it is possible for me to replace my current extruder head and nozzle with a different model, like an E3D volcano end or an E3D v6 extruder? if this has already been discussed then please redirect me to that in a reply.

E3D_v6 extruder nozzle
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by humorgep

I am trying to set up my EZABL mini on a CR-10s and I do everything that the instructions say but when I want to auto level it, it goes up too much.
After that I can't set the correct z offset because it only allows 4.9something mm
Edit: solved, did all the setup steps again

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Warped heatbed

by Khelos

So I got the CR10s and the heatbed and the glass is warped.
I got the mirrors from IKEA, they are flat but when i clip them on the heatbed, they warp with the bed.
So i contacted Gearbest and they sent me a replacement heatbed. After about two months of waiting I got the replacement and it is even more warped then my original heatbed. They are both bowl shaped.
If I get a third heatbed, what are the odds that it will be just as warped as the two others?
Does anyone have a Cr10 series printer with a flat headbed?

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cheap, easy t make hot box for Creality

by banjopad

Here is a tip for everyone that likes using ABS to make a quick cheap hot box. for the CR.
2 pieces of "Tri-fold foam board, one piece regular foam board. from Dollar General. Total cost $9.00.
Tape the 2 tri-folds together to make a 22" x 28" x 19" box. cut out a 17" x 9" door in the front and hinge it at the joint.
put it around your printer and top it off withe the 3rd piece if foam board.
it works like a charm and keep the temp. inside very warm preventing warping.
I'm sure this has been used before but it don't hurt to be repeated..

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BLTouch Auto Homes correctly, but doesn't trigger during ABL

by TCRugger

I recently added a BLTouch to my CR10S5. When I Auto Home, it works perfectly, but when I try to Bed Level from the LCD, it doesn't trigger on the bed. It does trigger with my finger during bed leveling.

Any Thoughts?

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