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Everything was going well, until it wasn't

by ren9216

Hello everyone!

So Im printing this bust at 13cm height. As you can see in the pic, everything is going well until the last 3/4 of the print.

What could be the cause of this? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading! Take care

bust cr-10s height help layers stuck
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abs printing

by Pwhite1234567891

Hello, I'm fairly new to the 3d printing world and I have mastered PLA printing ( not that it's hard). I have a job with the printer which requires the model to be printed in abs, however, I have never tried it until now. I have tried hair stay on glass and mirror, I have tried glue stick and water and also magigoo and I have tried the acetone and abs mixture (but not the slurry as of yet) and still, the abs will not adhere to the bed. I have tried playing with different temp settings and also different manufactures and still not wanting to stick to the bed. I have even built an enclosure and that didn't even work. I'm now wondering is it even possible to print abs on the CR-10 (Year 2018 don't know the model). Thanks

ABS Creality_CR-10
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Wondering if there was a good dual extruder for the CR-10.

by Pile_of_Plastic

I'm looking for a way to get dual extrusion for the CR-10, mostly to be able to print with dissolvable support material. I haven't really had much luck on the internet. Thanks in advance.

CR-10 Creality dual_extrusion
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Noob questions for CR-10 upgrades

by impact79

Hello folks, i am already printing with my CR-10 for some time. But i am an absolute noob when it comes to upgrades. What i want to do is to upgrade to a silent motherboard and install bltouch. However, i don´t know which silent motherboards play well together with bltouch. An other requirement would be an easy installation, if possible without soldering and custom cables.

Do you have any recommendations for me ?


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Leadscrew replacement

by VerniusNL

I hope somebody can help me out since i cant seem to find the answer. My z axis rod got bent out of shape and i want to buy a new one. I am not interested in the dual upgrade kit or anything just the leadscrew. Now i need the specs for the lead screw i think if i get a 50cm length and 8mm diameter im good, but i noticed there in the shop there is another value in there tr 8x8 or TR 8x2 or something like that. Does someone know what the specification for that is for the creality cr 10 printer.

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BLTouch Auto Homes correctly, but doesn't trigger during ABL

by TCRugger

I recently added a BLTouch to my CR10S5. When I Auto Home, it works perfectly, but when I try to Bed Level from the LCD, it doesn't trigger on the bed. It does trigger with my finger during bed leveling.

Any Thoughts?

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Form Futura Apollo X ASA Amazing !

by nickv1980

When your ED3 Hermera / CR10s Pro V2 prints ASA Like an absolute boss !

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Waiting for user

by thekokiko

So I've had my CR-10 for a few years and recently i haven't been able to get prints finished because it stops printing and displays "waiting for user" on the screen. It will only resume after i press the button, however i can't sit there waiting on that message to pop up for 12+ hours.

I also run ultimaker cura (updated version) and run the print through a USB connection which never used to give me problems.

I went and tried to troubleshoot using previous posts with similar problems and here's what i have tried.

  • I've switched my computer settings to assure neither the computer or screen goes into sleep mode during the print.
  • I've closed all other applications on my desktop besides Cura to assure it doesn't have too much to process.
  • I've uninstalled Cura and reinstalled it.
  • I've deleted the old printer settings within Cura and created a new printer profile with default settings.

The next step i can think to try is going back to the SD chip to check and see if its a problem with the USB connection but i do prefer the USB connection method.

Any help would be appriciated.


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