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CR-10s Bed heating stops now and then

by annscr10s


my CR-10 stops heating the bed while printing.
sometimes it doesnt start at all sometimes it stops somewhere in the print.

anyone a clue?

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Connecting CR-10S to Mac laptop

by justinhaugens

I'm attempting to connect my laptop to the CR-10S and I feel like something is missing or I'm overlooking an easy resolution. All information I find from Creality refers to Windows.

I have tried to search for a driver or something enabling the printer to connect. I believe my laptop identifies the printer in the USB device list, but that's all I can tell. MatterControl does not connect even when I manually configure the printer selecting the device from the list.

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CR10s Bed leveling after heated and before heated

by WinstonKoo

Hi guys! I got a CR10 S5. I know that having a big print surface means more trouble on bed leveling. But I found I thing on the CR10 that is interesting. When I first got the printer I always leveling the bed when everything is cold. After that I tried to level the bed when the bed is heated. Then I tried to leveling the bed when both bed and hot end is heated, because I found my hot end after heated will expand toward the bed a lot. However, after the I start printing with the measurement of bot bed and hotend heated. the hotend will get too hight. So... I'm wondering is there any setting with the printer or g code that tell the printer get Z higher to overcome the thermal expansion? I really want to disable this setting. BTW I'm using CURA.

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Horizontal lines on walls

by DorinDXN

Update, added mini (30 minutes) micro (15 minutes) and nano (10 minutes) print variant to ADT, if you want to test to see if the issue is on your CR-10 too, will be of great help to see a perfect print on this made on CR-10, it will bring a hope for cure :)

Hello everyone, just joined , nice to meet you all :)

I have a little problem with some Horizontal lines on walls, I saw it on other than mine prints on Internet as well and tried to address it on my CR-10.

I even designed a test object which exhibits those lines here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3625305
or you can see the problem in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjmVtYRaEZk
I tried many things with no success in getting rid of them, it seems to depend on geometry of the object rather than temperature, flow rate, infill, so on... My CR-10 is quite in good shape, and I take care to have no play to be clean, lubricated and calibrated as well.

I can use an idea or two, where to investigate further, maybe the video ring a bell to some expert here :)
Much appreciate if she/he does share a thought about this issue.


ADT - Abstract Dog Test - Lines on surface of walls
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Creality CR10S filament loading fix

by TomAskew

Hey guys, I have a CR10S and while it's producing beautiful results there's a problem I'm having with the loading of the filament.

I made a quick video to show you how I solved it:


I hope it helps someone

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Temperature graph not going down smoothly

by Rapsey

After just having done a full hot-end disassembly on my CR-10S (with E3D V6) my temperature graph now looks like this when going down (see picture). I guess this must mean that the thermistor is not installed properly but it doesn't really make sense to me. As you can see the graph is perfectly smooth when the temperature is going up. Anyone seen this before?

Also note how the hot-end temperature going down immediately becomes smooth again as soon as the bed heater is turned on.

EDIT: Did another print, this time I only got one weird notch on the graph before it became smooth again, without turning on the bed heater.

My conclusion is that - despite popping up right after a hot-end disassembly - this has nothing to do with the printer itself. Instead I suspect it is because something on the Raspberry Pi is causing high system load when a print job finishes. I believe this is the case because the duration of the jittering appears to be proportional to the length of the print job. The first graph was after a 1 hour print, the second with just one bump was after a 7 minute print. It's probably a plugin doing print time analysis or storing information to history. I'll keep an eye on the Pi's load next time to confirm this hypothesis.

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CR-10S5 - BLTOUCH wiring

by NJAnthrax

Hey all, currently trying to figure out the wiring to install a bltouch, i have the 2.1v board and looking at tutorials and videos nothing seems to match. Does anyone have an update wiring guide or take a picture of their setup. any help appreciated thanks

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Uneven Z walls

by Nitec0re

I'm not able to get smooth outer/inner walls with my CR10S-Pro. As you can see on the picture below, the layers are not on top of each other.

I tried the follow things things to fix this:

  • Diff. Temps (195-220 for PLA)
  • Diff. Flowrates (90-100)
  • Diff. Speed (30-80 mm/s)
  • Diff. acceleration values from 4-10 for jerk and 100-500 for acceleration
  • Cleaned the extrusions X/Y
  • Replaced rollers
  • Replaced bearings (to SKF)
  • Y-Carriage runs absolute free with no play to each side on the whole length of the extrusion
  • Cleaned Z leadscrew and applied some grease
  • Tried diff. filaments (PLA and PETG)
  • Z-Offset is correct (First layer is smooth like baby skin)
  • Stepps/mm for E is right on spot

I'm at the end for a possible solution. Do u have a idea?

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How do i reach the Thingiverse Help Center?

by ThomasAaren

I wrote a longer introduction to what i felt was important info for beginners, and that i wish i had gotten when i started...and it got flagged for moderation? What the he......? There was no swearing there and frankly im pissed off that i spent that many minutes just to get flagged for NO REASON!

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