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CR10 mini Can't preheat bed

by Bungle1007

!!!Newbie Alert!!!

Hi all, just got a CR10 mini and was just wondering is it right that the bed doesn't start heating up until the print starts? I have had an Anet for three months and when I pre-heated THAT it heated both the plastic and the bed but my mini only pre-heats up the plastic. There is no option to do the bed in the control section. If I want to preheat everything first before say....... bed levelling, I can't. i have to start a print to get the bed to temp first. If i go to options< prepare< preheat pla..... all i have is preheat pla... not preheat pla and bed.

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Mod for Cura slicer.

by richp232

I have been struggling lately now that my Ender 3 is 6 months old. also been trying hard to get good stuff from the new CR10 S5. Came across this mod for Cura. I've tried it and saw some immediate improvement. If you don't like it you can go back to what you had. It looks like a real good basis for a starter profile. Then you carefully adjust said profile for your machine. It is created for Creality printers but could be useful to others as well. Link below:
Just my contribution today, thanks for yours!


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Creality Cr-10 Weird Layer Walls?????????????????????????????

by Gootheprinter

Hello I Am Having Problems With The Outer Walls (Shell) Of My 3-d Print

It Is Like Some Bumpy Or Scaly Kind Of Thing Its Very Annoying And Has been happening to ALL OF MY PRINTS

                                                                      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
CR10 crealitycr10mini Creality_CR-10
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Cura Stringing

by Newtron

For some odd reason, I started getting a great deal of stringing on my prints with PLA. I performed a lot of tweaks, but nothing really seems to change the stringing. Here are my current settings which could effect stringing:
Layer Height .1mm (Fine)
Printing Temp: 180
Retraction Distance: 6mm
Retraction Speed 80mm/s
Retraction Minimum Travel 1.5mm
Print Speed: 20mm/s
Travel Acceleration 6000 mm/s2
Combing Mode: (Tried 'Not in Skin' & 'Within Infill)
Coasting Enabled
Coasting Volume: .065
Minimum Volumne Before Coasting: .8
Coasting Speed 90%

Does anyone have any suggestions? (I'm on Cura 4.0 btw)


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raft adhesion

by CurlyQ

I tend to print to print projects that take several days to finish. But sometimes the bed decides to raise of the bed and curl away. And with multi day prints this can be very annoying i have my heated bed at 60c. What can I do to get it to just stick??

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