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CR-10s Bed heating stops now and then

by annscr10s


my CR-10 stops heating the bed while printing.
sometimes it doesnt start at all sometimes it stops somewhere in the print.

anyone a clue?

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Horizontal lines on walls

by DorinDXN

Update, added mini (30 minutes) micro (15 minutes) and nano (10 minutes) print variant to ADT, if you want to test to see if the issue is on your CR-10 too, will be of great help to see a perfect print on this made on CR-10, it will bring a hope for cure :)

Hello everyone, just joined , nice to meet you all :)

I have a little problem with some Horizontal lines on walls, I saw it on other than mine prints on Internet as well and tried to address it on my CR-10.

I even designed a test object which exhibits those lines here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3625305
or you can see the problem in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjmVtYRaEZk
I tried many things with no success in getting rid of them, it seems to depend on geometry of the object rather than temperature, flow rate, infill, so on... My CR-10 is quite in good shape, and I take care to have no play to be clean, lubricated and calibrated as well.

I can use an idea or two, where to investigate further, maybe the video ring a bell to some expert here :)
Much appreciate if she/he does share a thought about this issue.


ADT - Abstract Dog Test - Lines on surface of walls
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CR-10S with Mainboard V2.2 BL Touch

by davehuber312

I have a CR-10S with mainboard V2.2.
I purchased a BLTouch kit which includes various USB programming cables and adapters to fit on a Creality V 1 board.
I'm not getting much assistance from the Ebay seller i purchased from.
Question is, I found a diagram for installing BLTouch on what appears to be a V2 mainboard on a Youtube Video by user First Layer. Should I just install according to the diagram?
Has anyone seen a kit for install on V2 mainboard? What is the difference?
I'm up for a challenge hooking up as in diagram, but want to confirm that will be sufficient.
Procedure for Marlin upgrade appears to be similar for both boards, as far as I can determine.
What experiences should I know about before embarking?

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Stepper motor current

by SimonFranz5


I have a cr-10 with a mks gen l and lv8729 drivers.
I tried so many currents but I always have Layer shifting.
Has anyone an idea?

best regards,


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CR10s Bed leveling after heated and before heated

by WinstonKoo

Hi guys! I got a CR10 S5. I know that having a big print surface means more trouble on bed leveling. But I found I thing on the CR10 that is interesting. When I first got the printer I always leveling the bed when everything is cold. After that I tried to level the bed when the bed is heated. Then I tried to leveling the bed when both bed and hot end is heated, because I found my hot end after heated will expand toward the bed a lot. However, after the I start printing with the measurement of bot bed and hotend heated. the hotend will get too hight. So... I'm wondering is there any setting with the printer or g code that tell the printer get Z higher to overcome the thermal expansion? I really want to disable this setting. BTW I'm using CURA.

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