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Problem printing cylinders

by R1zo

I have a problem with the printing cylinder. It makes different holes on the shell. does anyone know what it might be?

I use the Cura program
Used nozzle: 0.8
Layer Height: 0.2
Wall line count: 2
Z seam alignment: random
And use adaptive layers
maximum varation: 0.05
Varation step size 0.1

Thank you for your advice

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Under extrusion caused by worn extruder gear

by ProperPrinting

Hi guys,

Since the start of this year I started printing with nylon and carbon fiber reinforced nylon because of its strength. I have read everywhere that if you print with abrasive filament, you must use a stainless steel or hardened nozzle. However, I could not find a lot about the extruder gear which is, in my case, made out of brass and it wore out quite fast. This caused some serious under extrusion, hence a failed print.

Is this common knowledge? It makes sense that this gear wears out faster with abrasive materials, but because I did not read much about this problem, I overlooked it. I solved this issue by using a steel extruder gear.

Anyway, I have added a post with some pictures on my site if you want to read more about this and hopefully this can be of any help to someone. The link to this short article is: https://properprinting.pro/worn-out-extruder-gear/

Please let me know if you have run into the same problem and if you managed to solve it with maybe a different or better solution than mine so we can learn from each other :)

Extruder_Gear under_extrusion
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CR10S5 Z axis requires constant alignment

by JFHDL1967

I have a CR10S5 and it seems after a print of over 4+cm tall or after several smaller prints the right hand Z needs to adjusted down anywhere from 4-8mm. The S5 has the dual Z stepper motors. My prints turn out great after I disable the steppers and adjust the right hand side back down to match the left side. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Bed Wobble

by TalynTechnologies

I finally received my CR-10, but the bed has over 1/8" of wobble from side to side at the rollers after they've been tightened. Any one else run into this?

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Loose Hotend

by Overtplayer27

The hotend on my CR-10 is loose, the screws are the whole way screwed in, does anyone have any idea what is happening? Thanks for your help in advance!

UPDATE: The hole for the screw on the carriage is stripped out, I will either have to retap that hole or order an entirely new carriage.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for their amazing help, I have ordered a new hotend carriage and it is on its way!

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