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BLtouch Clone

by TheSPY

I've been trying to install a BLtouch clone on my CR-10s with the 2.1 board and Marlin 1.1.9. I can get the firmware to compile and upload and the BLtouch shows in the menu etc. But the touch doesn't respond to any commands from the panel, and also doesn't deploy when trying to home the printer.

The if the probe is down when the printer is turned on the probe retracts and the light flashes, If the probe is up the light just flashes. I have tried several different peoples guides on how to install this but none of them work for me. I just get to the same result, displays on the panel but doesn't respond to commands. I had no trouble getting one to work on my previous FLSun printer.

Is there a way to electrically test the probe, with it disconnected from the printer ? Maybe I got a dud ?

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Quality Issues

by perryb1989

I can't figure out what is causing this. I have replaced the whole hot end assembly(one of the cooling fans was going bad anyway) came with new nozzle. I have also replaced the extrusion gear, the extrusion idler bearing, tried going backward to the stock bowden tube from my capricorn tube and have since switched back. I have played with settings in cura and had a million conversations with a few people at working into this kind of thing.I have tried 4 different colors of Inland PETG and 1 of PLA 3 of which were brand new but with no issues until the last few weeks. I have not consistently gotten any better. I seem to get a good print once every 5 and always immediately after doing something to the printer. I have attached several pics to show the problem i am getting. For reference the cat is .06 layer height 50mm/s 0% infill and the benchy is .1 layer height 50mm/s and 5% infill. If anyone have any suggestions or the patience to help me out I would greatly appreciate it. This has been an extremely frustrating problem and I am at the end of my rope with it. This machine has been nothing but problems.

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2 Noctua 40x10 on the CR-10s

by JRosello

I made this setup on my E3 that has 24v on the blower, split the voltage to get 12 - 12 for each fan, and it works fine, but the CR10 is 12v.
So it's ok to split it to put x2 40x10 5v?
The 1v extra for each fan can be problematic?


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Extrusion Problems

by perryb1989

Hey guys, I need some ideas on where best to start. I recently had a 30 hour print fail and didn't notice it till it was almost finished. the base layer is prestine and solid as can be. The problem begins approx 5mm up. Nothing seems to hold and it was bad enough that you could see through the walls of the print after completion. Any ideas?

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Hot End Replacement (and issues)

by bullet86

I had an epic print failure which resulted in the entire hot end being encased in a ball of PLA. The only option was to replace the entire hot end, which was not a huge issue.

Problem is, after replacing I am having really odd print issues. It almost appears to be under extrusion, but only on the top and bottom layers. I printed a 20mm calibration cube and all layers are connecting well on the Z axis, but on the x/y the lines are barely even touching each other.

Has anyone had issues after replacing a hot end? This printer was working great right before this, I had printed 10-15 rolls without issue and now cannot got through a single print.

extrusion hotend replacement
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