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My cosplay is...

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Talk a little about any cosplays your working on! I'd love to hear what costumes people are doing!

I do Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrhha Nikos, Cinder Fall, Neo Polatin, Osana Najimi, Hanako Yamada, Info-Chan, Ayano Aishi, Midori Gurin, Miyuji Shan, Shiromi Torayoshi, Oka Ruto, Uekiya Engeika, Momo Yaoyorozou, Mezo Shoji, Ken Kaneki, Evil Hatsune Miku, Robin Buckley, Tomo Takino And Roman Torchwick! (Yeah I'm lonely at home)

I made the Ninja Storm Power ranger Sword if anybody wants the files I will have them up soon

I just finished printing my Beretta Px4 Storm in Tri-Tone for my Canaan Cosplay. Next step is to make JunkRats detonator for my son's baby JunkRat cosplay. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate a .stl for it yet =(

Currently working on a Full Sze 6 foot Tall Gen1 Optimus Prime Costume.

I was doing cosplay before cosplay was a word, but I have been out of it for 2 decades. I am getting back into it now with a Deathstroke cosplay. So far, I have purchased a lot of base items, printed the mask and a knife. Still to come is some additional armour pieces and a lot of add ons for the two Nerf blasters I am modding for the outfit.

Well if you click my profile you will see a FULL SIZE DALEK from Doctor Who.

Anyone know where I could get an NX01 jumpsuit

Working on a Tuvok costume for comic con

I am currently working on a Spiderman costume. I am making the Future Foundation Suit (Stealth Mode). I also want to make a homecoming suit.

After i finished my dragonslayer, i want to make a berserk armour in 3D printing. The pieces are easy to make, but there are too many of them to design by myself alone :-(

I am Captain Marvel, Silk, and Gwenom, but I am currently working on a Bo Katan outfit as well as a Black Lantern, Destiny Warlock, and a few secret ones. I enjoy cosplaying so I make a lot of stuff. I just bought a wood infused filament for my printer, so I'm thinking of making some specific props with that.

I am working on an Iron Man MK6 suit. The parts are mostly finished. Now just the electronics need to be done aand some repairs after the first wear. I shared the files on thingiverse. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1779274
All parts except neck and some ABS parts are printed. Printing time: endless ;-)

Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Suit
by DaDave

Im working on making a more accurate and launchable version of Adlet Mayers sword from Rokka No Yuusha

Adam Steiner from the BattleTech animated show (1994).

myself Batman beyond. from 90's series made from urthan and 3d printed parts. yourself?

myself Batman beyond. from 90's series made from urthan and 3d printed parts. yourself?

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Are these files available? Would love to print this

Same here! Which Stl´s did u use?

EDIT: Saw the pics ^^

I extracted all of the mesh files from the game itself in the reverse order of how people make mods for the game. It took a lot of finagling to get it to a usable form for me. The files eventually were imported in usable form into my solid modeler of choice, Solidworks. There were 2 major problems though. First was that the game files are stored as the smallest character you could create in-game, about 4'6". I am right at 6' and not the skinniest so everything had to be scaled. I think I ended up making everything 25% taller, 25% deeper, and 30% wider. The second and by far the most difficult challenge was the nature of animation files themselves. All of these meshes are designed simply to calculate collisions and to slap textures on. There is no modeled depth, or even any thickness at all for that matter, they are simply planes not volumes. If there is a better way to do this I sure would like to know, but in adding 'thickness' such that there was any volume to actually print, I had to do a combination of duplicating regions and scaling them slightly smaller and manually drawing polygons to fill gaps. It was very tedious, but gave me some things to do during some of my boring classes. That work was all done by myself this spring. Then I took the base files, and sliced them up into printable chunks, at most 8" cube so my printer could build them. Then the printing happened. Lots of the files were up to 30 hour prints. My printer worked nearly non-stop around the clock for 3-4 weeks. That imgur album was just post everything printed. Since then I have glued everything together and begun filling all the seams and sanding smooth. Unfortunately I had to do all this outside and 100+ degree temps in Texas was difficult to stay motivated. Also I had to be careful because the black PLA would become soft just sitting outside in the sun. The filling process is only about half done because I have school now and the project has had to be set aside, it's my senior year of Mech Eng and there's just no time.

Haha :D sounds a bit like the way i had chosen: I used the Pepakura files. Had the same problems as you; Im working with blender so I was able to add thickness, but not as good as I expected :D My printer is printing the main body now... IS printing 24/7 too ^^. Here are some pics: https://www.facebook.com/WiGiam/posts/1143170552424163

Thanks for your answer!

Im working on a mandalorian cosplay right now.

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Well, actually i have just one cosplay, that i have used many times, but has no 3d-printed parts, as i did it before having my printer. Now i'm working on two cosplays, that i'll make different parts with the printer.

First one is Brook, from One Piece, and the second one, Wargreymon, from Digimon.

For Brook, i'll print the articulable mask and the sword, and for Wargreymon, I still dont know what i'll do xD

The cosplay i already have, is Master Roshi, from Dragon Ball, and you can see it in my facebook page xD https://www.facebook.com/pantx.gorka

I am going to be going to Denver Comic Con as my D&D character, who is a Psion (basically a psychic monk with crazy powers). I am going to shave my head and have tribal tattoos painted on my head/face. I am basing how I look off of this guy: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-h9Fc7LRE5hk/UirOCsIj4UI/AAAAAAAAANE/NCa_0TcBHdY/s1600/33173.jpg

So those of you familiar with D&D/Pathfinder, Psions have Psicrystals which is basically a part of their mind externalized in the form of a fist sized crystal. I am using this Instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/ThrobbingFading-LED-with-555-Timer/) to make two pulsing LEDs both powered by the same 9V battery. I have modelled a crystal, I am going to print it out of a translucent filament and somehow attach the circuit and battery inside so that I have an epic pulsing glowing crystal that I will put at the end of a staff.

I am also using this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1058867 as a glowing necklace. I printed it out of translucent red and there is a slot for the LED in the back. I am using the wires themselves as the necklace and the battery hung behind my back.

Any other ideas? My character doesn't generally use armor or weapons. I think I am going to be shirtless or mostly shirtless with the necklace hanging down and the Psicrystal in my staff.

Gankra Skull Charm - Kickstarter promotion for 3DKitbash.com

I'm in the middle of painting my batarangs and gluing my eye meshes to the cowl.

which batman cosplay are you gonna do? im currently trying to decide between doing a ODST/Reach spartan cosplay or my own keyblade armor inspired cosplay.

Dick Grayson Batman, Have everything but the belt and gloves. I made a request for the belt on here.https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d2/Dick_Grayson_as_Batman.jpg

I made a pipboy. It works for most phones and i you'd like one for your phone type you can ask me.

I think I Asked for a Galaxy s4if you get the time.

I just printed a No-Face (Kaonashi) mask.

My older cosplays were all made by hand - without 3d-printing.

i really hope 3D printing becomes big within the realm of cosplay.

I plan on renting booths to show how useful they are to the cos community

The Cos play community and just costumers are getting the idea... i have sold helmets and parts like crazy over the past few months.It is being recognized.... but a booth to show more is a great Idea....

It will become very large but only if we as the printers are insuring that the quality of print that we are giving is good as well as making sure that if customers want smoothing prior to delivery that it is provided..... either by Resins or by Smooth On... But there is no limit to what we will be able to do as 3D printers....

How did you get started working within 3D printing, its a field im interested in and im sure others are as well. (P.s. if anyone wants we could have a topic on the subject, anyone can feel free to start one or i can as well!)

I'm always trying new construction techniques and I like to build things. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of spare time at my disposal. When I wanted to make several complicated animatronic puppet-heads I had to find a way to make a lot of parts without sacrificing all my spare time - so I bought a 3d-pinter. It worked very well - I was able to build more things in one year than I would normally in 5 years. I used to teach basic 3d-modeling, so creating the models was easy.


I'm getting one because i want to be able to print on my own time, i use my local library's printer (we have a makerspace there) due to time allowed to print and what we are allowed to print there are a lot of cosplay props i would like to make but can't so soon i will have access to my own!

I had been looking into it for my work actually and when i seen the applications for it ... I fell for it big time.....It helps me with all of the things that i am interested in doing... Cos Play, Computer mods.... you name it the applications are endless

That's what im interested in doing id love to have a career in 3D printing and building things. I'm moving to Florida in the summer and have been looking for places close to something like a makerspace for a job.

What part of Florida are you going too...
I know Makerbot is doing Paid internships in New York right now...lol

port st lucie area

As you have all probably seen I am currently working on the Sith Stalker costume to see if all of the hard parts are feasable to 3D print. So far so good. I try to post new pics as i am going along. I have found through hundreds of prints however that we would all like to be able to print one full piece at a time, but most build areas are just not able to handle the volume. Also we get better print quality if we slice into sections then finish the piece. Yeah takes a little more time but the end result is worth it.

Yup, this is why my models come in parts as well, if anyone needs help with tips on blender and slicing parts into pieces I can try to help, plus a member of our cosplay group who made the extendable wolverine claws is also the admin for the blender group on here, you could look for help there as well!

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